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Published on Mar 23, 2011

Jeremy's long awaited movie review for Batman Begins is finally here.

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Luca Munro
Probably an unpopular opinion, but Batman Begins is actually my personal favourite of all the three Nolan Batman films. I loved seeing Bruce Wayne become Batman and seeing all the gadgets, seeing his childhood and his trauma. It for me was the most interesting of the three films
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Jaamal 6
Luca Munro No I agree, I've said this as well, everybody loves TDK but it wasn't that great to me, I prefer Batman Begins
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Ian Barefoot
This is the only movie I remember seeing in theaters where at the end the audience stood up and applauded. No kidding. It was that good.
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August Obenauer
Ian Barefoot that happend to me when I watched the last harry potter movie
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The Shadow Master
People bitch about not enough "batman" in this movie, but I loved him training as a ninja, it was fucking badass!
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The Shadow Master
+Legit Beast But that is like saying that the only thing about batman taking out thugs adds to the movie is him defeating Ra's at the end. The Batman stuff is awesome, but it does not add more than the beginning sequence, which is also awesome. You can say this about everything in the movie, so you didn't make a very good point.
Legit Beast
+The Shadow Master yea but the only thing it added to the movie was when he turned on Bruce near the end
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Chris Irving
i feel like if they never Made the piece of shit Batman And Robin That there would have never been Batman Begins.
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Like in Fight Club: you hit rock buttom, then you're reborn.
+유예찬 NO! NEVER!
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Iambic Pentameter
I feel like I'm among the minority who likes Batman Begins slightly more than The Dark Knight.
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DC Comics are the best
nope i like it better too.
Bens Bricks
+Nicolás Riveros Exactly. People criticized the fight scenes for not showing much, just being fast and hard to see; which I actually really liked, it gave a sense of mystery, fear, and tension to the criminals Batman took down.
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Dale Doback
So glad Nolan resurrected Batman as far as the movies are concerned. Forever was meh and Batman & Robin was atrocious.  Bale was a great batman/wayne, easily up there with keaton but i prefer Bale personally.  The villans were great also along with the entire supporting cast.  Great trilogy. 
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+Jeahav Valentin Maybe beacuse I don't like Superman?
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Brandon Jimkern
Batman 1989 - no alcohol required Batman Returns - not remember it in tminus 30 seconds Batman Forever - dogshit Batman & Robin - laughable dogshit Batman Begins - Awesometacular The Dark Knight - Beyond Awesometacular The Dark Knight Rises - Awesometacular 
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+Ezra Daßer your right the Adam west tv show
Ezra Daßer
+Brandon Jimkern maybe the earliest incarnation of Batman was like the 60's
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Flick Tube
Batman Begins- Awesometacular The Dark Knight- Awesometacular The Dark Knight Rises- Awesometacular
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Tre Drago
+Sanjay Raju hell nah.
Sanjay Raju
Flick Tube Dark Knight Rises should've been a better time if you're drunk.
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Merlin Greybeard
Liam Nesson is just awesome.
Haunted Knight
I prefer this one over Knight and Rises, this movie has a special piece of my childhood.
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Sanjay Raju
Haunted Knight Me too, this film practically is my childhood!
Haunted Knight I watched it when I was 14. It was also my first Batman movie ever. I've heard of Batman before but this movie made me fall in love with Batman. Since then I watched a shit tons of batman movies, read batman comics, played batman games and it won't stop.
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