Dash Cam: Arrest Ends In Death - Livingston Parish, LA - 07-10-09





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Published on Jul 11, 2009

LIVINGSTON, LA (WAFB) - The Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office has released the dash cam video of a deadly traffic stop and in More.. doing so said its deputies followed procedure.

The video shows Deputy Chris Sturdivant as he pulls over 42-year-old Adam Stogner. The tape starts with the deputy asking Stogner for his license. It ends with an officer asking the man if he's still breathing.

Chief Deputy Jason Ard says when the video starts Adam Stogner did not put his truck in park. They say that backs up the reason he was pulled over. The deputy believed he was impaired. On the tape, there is audio of the deputy asking for Stogner's license. "What you got in your hand? the deputy then asks. "Give me your hand," he demands. "I don't have nothing in my hand," Stogner responds. "I swear to you."

The media watched the video with Ard and several other law enforcement agents. "Pay attention to the subject's right hand," Ard said. On the dash cam video, the deputy tells Stogner to open his hand. Deputies say they believe Stogner was holding a baggy of narcotics in his right hand. The tape shows Stogner moving something from one hand to the other and placing it in his mouth. "Did you see him put it in his mouth? Ard asks. "Right there and this is where the struggle starts," he points out. "Spit it out!" the deputy tells Stogner.

All this is happening while the deputy was trying to handcuff the man. The deputy does get one cuff on, but because the two seem to be in a wrestling match, Ard says that loose cuff can be a weapon. At several points, there are images of what looks like the deputy hitting Stogner. The sheriff's office says another time it looks like Stogner is crawling toward the interstate with the deputy on his back. And again, it appears the deputy hits the man.

"He was appropriate in his actions. He followed departmental protocol in trying to arrest a subject who tried to resist," Ard said. Only after two more deputies arrive on scene is Stogner completely cuffed. Keep in mind, the baggy is still in his mouth. It's then that one of the deputies notices Stogner is having trouble breathing and calls for medical help. "Is he breathing?" one of the deputies asked. "I don't know," another answered.

Deputies say Stogner later died along Interstate 12. Deputies did start CPR until EMS arrived. Peter John, the family's lawyer, says only one thing is clear from the tape. He says Adam Stogner never tried to hit the deputy. "Adam got his butt beat, okay, 'cause he's all bruised up and dead," John said. "Is that justified by what the officer wanted out of his hand?"

Stogner's family's attorney says the family plans to conduct its own autopsy and investigation. Preliminary results from the Livingston Parish coroner show Stogner died from severe coronary artery disease, an enlarged heart, and a fracture of the hyoid bone in his neck. Dr. Ron Coe says the fracture may be due to force being applied to that area. Dr. Coe says Stogner also tested positive for methamphetamine. The coroner also said the death was accidental. Louisiana State Police have been called in to assist the sheriff's office in investigating this case

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That guy did it to himself.
good job officer, one less pot head running around
Maximus Meridius
Hey staticswitch, fuck you. -Jack
Fuck that COP!! your gonna kill a Person over a fucking dime bag.  DUMB FUCKING COP.  That cop needs to go to Jail.  Fuck that COP!  That is not a police officer that is a killer.  He kills people!
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Melina Prevost
It was a fucking dime bag of pot, who ever ODed from pot!! stupid!
howit wasitis
+bertThugh2 he was choking on the bag itself. the cop pushed it down his throat .. by trying to wrestle him to the ground and pluck the EVIDENCE out of his mouth... Swallowing guarantees a conviction.. in days not an OD in minutes stomach pump. proves possession. and stops the O.D. you are thinking of mules and balloons in the the intestines.Mass quantities to the blood stream in seconds, different deal altogether...  this was negligent homicide... the cops repeated blows to this guys kidneys and ribs weakened the ability to choke it up.. and his attempts to retrieve it cause the guy to choke on the plastic. He inhaled it... and could not get it out.. he also had a broken hyoid bone.. from the flash light ..
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That citizen was going to die anyway. He put a baggy of narcotics in his mouth, his saliva will dissolve the bag, the narcotics--all of it--will enter his blood stream, heart & brain; he'll go into seizures & die of self-inflicted overdose. If the officer could have gotten that bag out of his mouth, he probably would have lived.   However, the dip wit, likely very high & hyped on meth already, plus he has shit health from doing amphetamines, puts up the very kind of fight that proves too much for his self-inflicted lousy health, esp. his screwed 'ticker.'   The outcome is no surprise to me.   I'm sure the family is embarrassed to have their dirty laundry flapping in public, & probably are hoping to get some money out of this. They knew all about the guys downward spiral, may have contributed to it--fed it, & covered it up to others, & made excuses for him. If they had any honesty & integrity, they would take their 'lumps' & stop with their pretenses.
Melina Prevost
Are you fucking stupid!
the man died of an OD..... cop actually tried to safe him by getting him to spit it out by all means necessary. i can see how this is too hard for most drug addicts to understand.
Melina Prevost
Why do you think that anyone that sympathies with this man is a drug addict?  what are you a hypocrital born again addict?
Smokey The CareBear
He's just doing his job. Cops love that power. :(
jeff q
comply or die - Sheriff Jason Ard and many of his deputies are corrupt - a shame we couldn't vote them out last month.
Emily Hasty
He didn't have to do all that
My Window On The World
Stupid white trash asshole got what he deserved.
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