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Published on Nov 2, 2012

Pwad: Things Aren't Always What They Seem
Author: Keith Sebesta
Date: 18th May 1994
Map: e2m1-e2m2
Category: UV Maxdemo
Executable: Doom.exe
Time: E2M1 - 10:42 E2M2 - 9:09 TOTAL - 19:51

Okay, this is NOT the wad for getting back to speed recording Doom runs. It's two levels, one terrible, one a little better, and both of them big and tedious. And it's been designed specifically for co-op play, which means you need to be very careful where you go and what you do, otherwise parts of the level will close themselves off to you. I decided to do the whole thing in a single run, mostly because E2M2 has clearly not been designed to be done from a pistol start. And this is not as optimised as it could be, so sorry about that, but frankly both these levels are no fun. Anyway, some level specific comments:

E2M1: The crappier of the two. Basic architecture, mostly consisting of rectangles of irregular sizes jammed haphazardly together, like the level was constructed from building blocks. Extremely basic color scheme, almost monochrome in a lot of places. And a lot of gameplay sequences, particularly toward the end of the level, that are just tedious in single player. Those huge, gradually rising or lowering rectangular arenas would be improved with a lot more monsters. The whole ledge sequence around the radiation pit would be improved with a lot less.

E2M2: Does show some improvement over the first level, partly because the design is better, with some large rooms that are actually nice to look at. Like the corridor at 11:37, which could have just been a plain staircase but has been given an alternating light-dark pattern so it looks cool when you run down it. And you can do most of the level with BFG and plasma, which cuts down on the tedium factor considerably. The switch toward tougher monsters - lots of Barons, a Cyber or five - also helps gives it a different character. Still, there's as many incomprehensible secrets as before (what is going on in that room at 12:25? How are players supposed to work that out?) and it's just as easy to get yourself trapped. But this is apparently the theme of the level - Keith did promise "many puzzles" and "lots of new tricks" in the textfile, after all.

I did like the trap at 13:44, where you're suddenly teleported to a small room where you're surrounded by five Cyberdemons, all facing you, who immediately converge. And just as you move to dodge the rockets that are probably already coming and you get teleported out again. The only point of that was to give the player a heart attack - but it's very effective :) I didn't try to kill the five cybers in this run, so maybe it's not a max, but I'd argue they're clearly not meant to be killed, you can't even move in that room to do so.

Should probably also explain the faffing about at 16min or so - there's a sector that'll rise trapping you in that area (you can see it at 16:03) unless you trigger a few linedefs with just the right timing and in just the right order. Again, there's no indication of how the player is supposed to discover this.

And lastly - those pillars at the end? They're one time only, as soon as you run across one it lowers. So good luck reaching the exit if you miss your footing. Glad to see the end of this one, frankly...

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