Proof Jesus Existed_Shattering the Christ Myth: Atheists Fail - Part 1





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Uploaded on Aug 14, 2011

http://www.cross.tv/24457 - (video in full) James Patrick Holding, author of the book "Shattering the Christ Myth," completely discredits the fantasy based on atheist speculation passed down. Ironically, it is the skeptics own head-strong speculations that have ended up in the category of modern day myth.

Zeitgeist Refuted - Full Version


those love their sexual perversion more than the holiness of God by rejecting the very word that will judge them after they take their last breath on Earth and come face to face with absolute moral perfection and truth in person, because they desperately seek to avoid feeling accountable to One & Only Living God. The deaths of thousands of eye witnesses of Jesus Christ destroy a skeptic's myth.

It is amazing how conveniently hypocritical skeptics of the Bible have behaved these days. Skeptics, who previously had accused the current books that we have in the bible as clever fabrications hundreds of years after the time of Christ, are now confronted with proofs of its' reliability. The books found in the new testament have been confirmed as authentic by earliest manuscripts and supporting documentation from the saints who lived around the first century, even revealed the continuity of Christian beliefs from the very beginning with Christ Himself. The writings from saints around the first century demonstrate that they were very aware of the gnostic false teachings and openly rejected their claims.

The beliefs and practices of the followers of Jesus Christ as Lord vs. the gnostics are diametrically opposed to one another. It was the gnostics who based their ideology on paganism, polytheism, borrowed cultural myths, and a philosophy that was hostile to God as creator. On the other hand, those who have been transformed by the power of God through the preaching of the gospel and working of the Holy Spirit of God; esteemed Jesus as Lord God (highest authority), repented of dead works and sought to live holy; had a faith in God (who is one in essence-triune in revelation); practiced and respected the word of God; and recognized the books in both old and new testaments as cannon - all rejected the spiritual harlotry of gnostics.

Realizing they (the bible skeptics) cannot refute or successfully discredit the books of the new testament, bible skeptics attempt to associate and group all the early christians of the new testament with gnostic teachers as a tactic so the unsuspecting reader will become deceived into thinking that the beliefs of Christianity that we see today had evolved. Now we see the skeptics hypocrisy in full view as they seem to elevate the very gnostic writings which were invented well in the 300 and 400 AD period as if they had some divine merit worthy of global recognition. Such skeptics fail to realize that the gnostic writings are just as much speculative esoteric theories as their own conjectures which they spout in americas secular universities today. Both the early gnostics and bible skeptics of the "Jesus seminars" both share a common viewpoint that somehow their speculations about the early church, beliefs about God, and unbiblical claims about the Lord Jesus Christ do not have to be based on actual historical facts. However the early Christian Church as well as the modern Christian Church still holds that facts (such as the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ) are foundational and important.


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