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Published on Jun 11, 2012

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Emerald Isle PC's
The speed of the processors in the macs are a little bit worse than people probably hoped except for those VERY stupid people who think that you can game on a mac.
Dylan Bennett
In context, yes. When I got brought home by the cops at 4 am as a teenager, my mom whooped my ass, and I deserved it. Now, hitting your STEP child with a belt because he can't catch the baseball that you're aggressively throwing at him? What that constitutes is you being put in a batting cage without a bat, and seeing how you like it. The mother is just as guilty for not standing up for her own son against the man, but I also don't know what happens behind closed doors. He could also be violent toward her, and that would cause her to be afraid to step in. To sum up what I'm getting at, if your child has done something absolutely wrong or disrespectful, then I think a good smack will probably teach them a lesson. As long as it isn't a regular thing that you resort to for every disciplinary action.
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Kaladin Stormblessed
Oh my god Oscar.
old news but it still warms the heart knowing that someone stood up when he saw a kid getting wrongfully beaten I wish there was someone like this when I was growing up, I make this guy my bamf of the week
John Smith
When I was a kid the motto was "Talk shit, get hit!"  I grew up to be a hard working contributing member of society as did most of my friends that grew up similarly.  There is no good reason to "beat" a child, but there also has to be consequences for actions, up to and including a slap or smack on the rear.  I deal regularly with a lot of today's youth that have grown up in the "don't punish your kids with anything but words" generation and I can attest that the majority of them have a sense of entitlement and feel that they can do what they wish, almost like "The rules apply to everyone but me." kind of attitude.  What a wake up call they are going to receive when they enter the prison system.  Let's prepare our kids to be able to handle the real world where there are always consequences for your actions.  Just my 2 cents! 
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phil is annoying, not funny and probably homosexual
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As long as there is good reason. Like Phil said for yelling your father to go fuck himself........ I grew up getting slapped and hit with a belt as discipline. It taught my siblings and I not to fuck up. Other than that I think there is a limit on how and when you should "discipline" your child. Also when I did get "spanked" it wasn't hard enough to where I had bruises. So only if necessary but as a last resort kind of thing.
Dorien Nichole
No, it's not wrong to disciple your child when they do something disrespectful, rude, or just out of line. As a person who was given spankings I can't say my parents were in the wrong, cause they weren't. I, the child did the deed that forced them to disciple me. But, I will say that instead of beating your child for something as small like not catching a ball. Do something positive and give them more time and help.
David Scalia
I dont miss this philly d
Pepe Trumpalangdingdong
if you're fucking five, and say "fuck" you literally know jackshit about that word and its context, there is no reason to slap a child
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