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Published on Feb 3, 2012

Lord of the Rings Online: Draigoch Tutorial

@idontplayamusic 8 hours ago
MARCH 19th 2013 me and a full raid just attempted draigoch on Brandywine. I can confirm they changed the direction that Draigoch moves during phase 1 (you can see at 7:00 they move right but now it would be left instead)

This is the more popular method of tanking Draigoch. I also explain how to predict the head movement in both Phase 1 & 2. aka; Shadow Tanking

As well, I show how the tank could optionally go down to the bottom during the CJ phase and how to get back in time to tank again.

Some people may complain that I don't have aggro of the head. Well there is both a tank and a healer up top as the design intended. I've actually done the run with having aggro as well and a HoH Captain is all that you need for healing a Guardian. Everything else in the tutorial strategy-wise wouldn't change at all.

*edit (25/04/2012): As of Update 6 if you are shadow-tanking you will still take a small amount of distributed damage when the dps group is on the middle level. The amount of damage done by this is minimal. And as mentioned, shadow-tanking is completely optional, if you want aggro of the head the strategy doesn't change at all just have either a HoH Captain, Minstrel or RK up with you to heal you.

Phase 1:
- If the head moves left you call out for everyone to move right.
- If the head moves right you call out for everyone to move left.

Phase 2:
* Phase 2 will be signalled with the music becoming loud.
* One hand will be perched high, while his other hand will be resting directly on the platform.
- If his right hand is resting directly on the platform call out to move right.
- If his left hand is resting directly on the platform call out to move left.

During Phases 1 & 2 if you have aggro and are taking too much damage you can run from side to side, always strafing so that you can still block and parry, to minimize the amount of times that you get hit. If done correctly you can last 4-5 rounds in a row without a healer up top with constant steady aggro of the head on you.

Phase 3:
* Phase 3 will be signalled by the music getting loud.
- Everyone must get down to the middle area.
- The tank must face the head once he stops moving around.
- As the tank you can assist with aggro by ranging and taunting the front claws to draw their aggro. This ~might~ stop them from attacking the healers, but I'm only guessing.
- When Draigoch is flying up in the air he will rotate his body. Once he does this as the tank you can start running towards where his head will be before he lands. The dps group can use this advance information to move towards the rear claws as to avoid started inbetween the rear and front claw and thus taking distributed damage from two claws instead of one.

@added 29/04/2012
DPS Group:
* If a ramp doesn't have gold piles along the path of the ramp then it will lead all the way up to the top.
* If a ramp has gold piles along the path of it when you are looking up from the bottom then it will lead to the middle level.
* If you're on the middle level and "right" is called you will have to go left down the ramp and then immediately turn right, and go back up the next ramp (make sure it has gold piles up the ramp).
* The dps/cj group always moves 9 o'clock from Draigoch body on the CJ phase when you're running back to the cave tunnels.

@added 22/05/2012
The LUA plugins can be found at http://www.lotrointerface.com/
I like to use CombatAnalysis, TonicBars, BuffBars and Palantir.

Visit and subscribe to my channel @ http://youtube.com/HDFlux/


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