Will A British Nanny's Death Overwhelm Bo?





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Published on Mar 27, 2012

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Wang Lijun fled to the U.S. Consulate, causing chaos
amongst Chinese Communist Party (CCP) high-level officials.
Following Chongqing party secretary Bo Xilai's removal,
news about Bo's son, Guagua, spread.
The British Nanny to Guagua's family, Neil Heywood,
died suddenly in Chongqing last year.
Media pursued disclosure and revealed that Heywood
had business disputes with Gu Kailai, Bo's wife.
However, Wang Lijun claimed he had told Bo
that Heywood was poisoned.
Will Heywood's incident push Bo's case forward?

Guagua's excessive lifestyle amid his education in UK and US
had been exposed by media, overthrowing Bo's earlier explanation.
Through layers of fog, Bo and his family's mystery,
are step by step becoming clearer to the public.

Chongqing officially reported that Heywood died of
excessive alcohol consumption.
The Wall Street Journal quoted an unnamed source who
Claimed former Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun told Bo
that Heywood was poisoned, resulting in Bo and Wang
turning their backs on each other.

Liu Yiquan, "If Heywood died of excessive drinking,
an emergency rescue should have taken place (beforehand).
Who did he drink with?
He shouldn't die immediately afterward.
There should be a rescue process - how to rescue him?
To which hospital? Where is hospital record? Who are the witnesses?
If he died of excessive drinking, should have an autopsy
for the official result. So far, there is nothing.
He was cremated in a hurry, and that alone shows
there is a big hole in Heywood's case."

At present, a British embassy spokesperson in Beijing
confirmed that the UK government asked China to open an investigation into his death.
The CCP regime responded by carrying out the investigation.

Radio France Internationale reported on the afternoon of
March 14th, after Premier Wen Jiabao's press conference, the Politburo held a meeting to discuss Bo's affairs.
Beijing rumours said that some members of the Standing
Committee against the dismissal of Bo.
However, the highest level leader showed Wang Lijun's
transcription recording, claiming the case would have diplomatic pressure.
Thus the decision had been made to dismiss Bo.

Liu Yinquan, "If the investigation reveals that Bo,
his wife, and son are involved in the murder, there should be a public trial.
The responsible person should be sentenced to death.
No matter what, Bo covered up Heywood's case.
If Bo didn't send the order himself, at least, he covered it up."

In addition, Bo's son Guagua was rusticated from Oxford
for failing his studies.
Media revealed Guagua then transferred to Harvard
with help of the last Governor in Hong Kong, Chris Pattern.

Liu Yinquan, "As we know, Guagua didn't get full or is partial
scholarship for his education in the UK.
He was forced to leave school for one year due to failing
his studies, how is it possible for him to get full scholarship?"

A Current Affairs commentator, Chen Pokong, said that
due to Bo's removal, various scandals have been exposed.
Bo is just one of the many CCP officials who
have such disgraceful behaviour.

Chen Pokong, "We're concern that, under the current system,
how many similar and shocking scandals have taken place?
Without changing the system, what happened today won't
shock people, and such affairs will definitely be on the rise.
If one official can commit crimes, more officials
will follow suit.
We don't know how many CCP officials, from high
to low-level, commit crimes of corruption, embezzlement,
abuse of power, colluding with foreign forces, killing,
murdering, etc."

Chen Pokong said that the lying by CCP high-ranking officials
is common place.
He also feels that 90% of what Bo said in the Congress was
a lie.
Bo's exposed scandals, Chen Pokong believes,
are only the tip of the iceberg.



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