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Published on May 1, 2012

~ I'm super sorry that I took a long time, I was really busy ~

House of Anubis Story: Episode 22

~ At dinner ~
Fabian: What?!
Doctor: I'm really sorry, if you want you can come to the hospital to visit them Fabian: Thanks for the info, bye * hangs up * * comes back into the dining room *
Mick:Is everything alright, mate?
Fabian: * sits down at a table * No
Nina: What happened?
Fabian: My parents are very serious condition
Mick: I'm so sorry
Fabian: That's okay
Nina: I can use my powers
Fabian: No, please don't
Nina: But Fabian said .....
Fabian: So what if he said this, what if you get hurt?
* Everyone looked at him *
Fabian: I'm sorry .... * Gets up from his chair and goes to his room *
Mick: * stands up * I'm going to check.. * get cut *
Nina: No, I should go * go into the Fabian and Mick's room *

~ Fabian and Mick's room ~
Nina: * knocks * Can I come in?
Nina: * comes in *
Fabian: I'm sorry about before
Nina: It's okay, but what's wrong?
Fabian: I don't want you to get hurt because if you do I'll never forgive myself, I don't want to lose my parents and you
Nina:You never lose me or your parents,maybe we should go visit your parents in the hospital?
Fabian: Do you really want to go?
Nina: Of course!
Fabian: Okay, so let's go
* They went into the food *
Fabian: Trudy, Nina and I, going somewhere, is it okay?
Trudy: Well .... * gets cut *
Nina: Thanks Trudy
* They left *
Trudy: But, oh nevermind

~ Hospital ~
~ In Fabian's parents's room ~
Fabian: I do not believe he did this to you* sobs *
Nina: * hugs him * Fabian, calm down, everything will be fine
Fabian: * pulls away * * wipes tears * Thank you, thank you for comforting me and thank you for coming to here and want to help them
Nina: You're welcome * smiles * You sure you don't want me to use my powers?
Fabian: Yeah
Nina: It's a almost 10, are you coming?
Fabian: No, can you tell please Trudy I'll be back after 10, I want to stay with them
Nina: Um.... Sure
Fabian: Thanks
Nina: * leaves *

~ Anubis House ~
Nina: * walks into the house *
Trudy: Nina, Where were you? Where is Fabian?
Nina: We were at the hospital, he stayed with his parents, he said he would come back after 10
Trudy: Oh okay, how he feels?
Nina: I don't really know but he looks sad, really sad
Trudy: Oh poor Fabian, okay Now, go to your room before Victor is gonna catch you
Nina: OK.... Goodnight Trudy
Trudy: Goodnight
Nina: * leaves *

~ Nina, Amber and Sophie's room ~
Nina: * enters room *
Amber: Nina! Why are you so late? You and Fabian return? Did you went to a "date secret "?
Nina: No Amber!
Amber: Calm down, I was just asking, where were you?
Nina: At the hospital, Fabian is with his parents and their situation has not changed, it's still serious
Amber: What? I feel so stupid now!
Sophie: Yes, you should
Amber: Shut up!
Sophie: And if I don't want?
Amber: So I'll make you shut up
Nina: Stop! You're not going to do anything to her * turns around to Sophie * and you're not going to fight with her
Sophie and Amber: Okay....
Nina: Now go to sleep, there is school tomorrow
They fell asleep **


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