Called a Faggot By Strangers





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Published on Jun 20, 2010

What do you do if someone calls you a faggot? Especially if you are gay? What is the best way to respond to homophobia that is expressed outwardly and openly in your direction? Over the last two days, I was called a faggot on two separate occasions - so I decided to make a YouTube video about it to ask for your advice.

As featured on Queerty: http://www.queerty.com/new-york-city-...

Davey's website: http://www.daveywavey.tv

Snail mail me:

Davey Wavey, Inc.
P.O. Box 1282
Woonsocket, RI 02895

Comments • 2,451

Dexter Booey
People dislike you because you're a man who sounds like a 12 year old girl. 
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Nick Gurdon
Dexter Booey fuck u
Strawberry Miu
+Sith Jakob Shut the fuck up.
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Max ProPayne 3
What a faggot.
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Sleepy Jean
Top comment for a reason.
FaZe ZaMpA
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Ryan Neely
How about you respond by jumping off a cliff, you faggot. And put some clothes on while you're at it.
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Ryan Neely
+Mr1a2n  Who's "ur", and why does everyone talk about him on the internet? Is he famous?
Ryan Neely
+beerbich802 Oh yeah, those stupid Americans. Even though they made this video... and YouTube... and most web browsers... and almost any device you could be using to access them... and almost any operating system it might have...
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ur gay
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yacine kalzete
+Sith Jakob no , he is a faggot
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The Good Guys
Only a faggot would make a video to complain about being called a faggot
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Ariana Venti
+beerbich802 Americans are also dumb, because they actually support gay marriage and that's what Satan wanted. Haha gay pride? Laughable. And they call us homophobics. If someone supports something, then there should be people that don't support that thing? Problem, fags?
BeerCamp Slave
Americans are fat, ignorant, insular, uneducated and tacky dressing morons.
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This video is really old, but I wanted to share a positive thought: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  I've literally been watching this channel for hours today because it's really made me feel happy.  I mean it.  This is one of the best channels I've seen on youtube.  Although many people may say stupid things like "you're so gay" and "you're such a faggot" those words hold absolutely no weight to the amount of pride and acceptance that has come from everyone else.  I don't think we should address the haters.  Because they WANT to be addressed.  If you shout back at them, or even try to correct them, it isn't going to do anything.  However, if we ignore them, or ignore what they have to say, then they lose influence.  They'll get pushed by the way-side and their opinions will be rendered unimportant - because they are.  Personally, I think that's the best way to go about it, even though it may be the hardest way.
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What are you? Gay? What are you, a fucking faggot?
Ariana Venti
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Put on a god damn shirt you faggot
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Carlos Ramon
+Strawberry Miu and who are YOU to tell people what to do? i'm not telling people what to do. they can do whatever the fuck they want, bruh. i keep replying because i can, fucking simple. same reason you are, as a matter of fact. i should've kept quiet? is that what you want? well then be sure to put that in your next letter to santa because i ain't gonna fucking do it. you've reached the end of the creek, lost your paddle somewhere along the way, and now you resort to telling me i should be silent and that you despise me for doing the exact same thing you're doing. think i give a shit, mayn? think a-fucking-gain. because over the years in my entire existence, i have been told that i'm despised by pretty much everyone in the book -- grandma, the chief of police in westerville ohio, mom and dad, my second grade teacher mrs. dempsey, the beastie boys at a concert in 1995, that ginger cunt arnold... and now you. hold on, lemme just jot that down in my fucking NOVEL'S WORTH of people that have despised me over the years. you see, little miss strawberry shortdick, nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, you say can phase me. last i checked you don't run youtube.
Strawberry Miu
+Carlos Ramon Why do you keep replying? I know you're interested and all but I despise you for replying. You should've kept quiet. The answer to your question: i'm trying to tell people to not to reply to this anymore.
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Being a filthy fucking faggot is disgusting and should be illegal.
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Strawberry Miu
+Sith Jakob Why don't you fucking leave at this point? Everytime, I find 'Sith Fuckmyself' named with a profile picture he thinks looks cool.
+beerbich802 haha u mad bro?
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Can I tell you something? You're a fucking faggot!
yacine kalzete
+Strawberry Miu he is a faggot , and you stfu cunt
Strawberry Miu
+Sith Jakob And so?
David W
1. After reading many of these comments, obviously you have many haters. 2. Why are these haters even here if they hate you? 3. To answer your question, you could blow the person a kiss. 4. Stay gay and proud. --From a straight guy.
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kanimo24 yes yes I am
+Christian Carroll holy shit, you are a huge faggot 
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