I Had To Escape To The US When I Lost My Parents





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Published on Jul 9, 2019



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Hello, everyone. My name is Rohan. I am sixteen years old and now I am happy living in America with my older sister Amita and my uncle. But it wasn't always like that. My family actually comes from India, so if you want to know why we moved and what happened to us on the way to the United States, stay here.

I spent my early childhood in a small Indian village. Even though my parents used to work day and night, we lived quite a poor life and didn't have much. And one day something terrible happened. Once our parents went to work and never came back. After three days of waiting, we found out that the bus that took all the workers into town every day had gotten into an accident. My sister and I were broken. How would we make it without our parents? All our relatives in India lived under the poverty line and already had enough hungry mouths to feed.

We had nowhere else to go, that's why my sister called our uncle Samar who had moved to America many years ago. He was absolutely devasted to hear the news about our parents and promised to get us out of the country. He couldn't come after us himself, because he couldn't take the risk of bringing in two underage kids illegally. The process of getting a visa to America could take years and would cost our uncle a fortune. We had neither the time nor the money for that. So our uncle sent us fake IDs and money for our plane tickets. It was going to be a long and risky trip, with a number of stops and destinations. But It was our only chance, so we had to take this step into the unknown.

It all started really well. We were absolutely amazed by the aircrafts when we got to the airport. I had never seen them so close before and I was really excited when we took off. But all the excitement faded away after we landed in Ecuador. There were crowds of people like us, trying to get on a bus for the next destination to Mexico. Everybody was pushing each other and shouting. My sister and I tried to stay together, but when we finally squeezed through the crowd and got on the bus, I realized that I was all alone. Amita wasn't there! I kept calling her, but she never answered. I was scared to death. I was only five years old, what would I do without my sister? But the bus had already started. I was shivering and terrified, but I tried to hold back my tears. I just had to hope that my sister had managed to get on another bus and that we would reunite somehow.

We'd been driving forever. After a couple of hours the bus finally stopped. I thought we had arrived, but it turned out that the bus had broken down. And there was no bus coming to pick us. All of the people got really mad, and there was nothing left to do but to walk. Nobody knew where the next bus stop was or how long it would take us to get there by foot. We walked for hours until it had started to get dark, but we finally reached the bus stop. Everybody was tired and thirsty, because it was very hard to walk under the hot sun. There were a lot of people there and I started looking for my sister in the crowd. Suddenly someone cried out my name, grabbed me, and squeezed me in their arms. It was Amita! We were so happy to see each other again. She had come on another bus, so we thought that we could go together now, but no such luck. All those people that I had arrived with rushed to the buses and when we were about to get on, the bus was already packed to the gills.

Oh... that was another ordeal, but at least we were together now. We stayed at the bus stop with other people who were in the same situation and started waiting. There was almost no food and water left and no place to sleep. My sister tried to cheer me up, telling me about uncle Samar, and promising that another bus was on the way. And it arrived. In two days. We were more exhausted than we had ever been in our lives. We had almost not eaten anything, so we were starving, but we were back on the road again. There was a very nice old Indian man on the bus who even shared some food with us. He was also going to America too to reunite with his family. He told us that the main thing was to just cross the border and then we would be able to feel at ease. And this defining moment came.

There were a lot guards, who didn't look friendly at all. They were letting some people in, but we saw a lot of people who were also rejected and arrested. So we had to hope for the best. My heart sank when it was our turn. It seemed like it took the guard forever to look through our documents. They asked my sister questions and I saw how terrified she was, but she collected herself and answered clearly. And then, by some miracle, they let us in!

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