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Published on Feb 22, 2010

Drake ft Jay Z on his song Light Up off of Thank Me Later.

Alright sorry for this, but I rip the third verse. Just give me feedback and I'm sorry for any inconvenience. But would you have found or listened to the song if I didn't label it like this? Thanks for the praises and hate because I already kno its gonna be a mixed bag...but I haven't posted anything in a yr and alot of ppl said my flow used to be wack so here it goes. I'm in college BTW so don't even try to say sumthin dumb like "don't quit ur day job" I just do this shit for fun. Aight 1.

BTW this is over a DJ Premier beat wit Jadakiss on the hook.
So its my version Suspence - Rite Where U Stand

The last 2 lines got effed up by youtube somehow...weird

Ayo u wish u were as nice as me
Im priceless please, get off my nikes jeez
You mismatch like rice and peas
You a pest punk, itchin me like lice and fleas
Only thing you ever lost was ya license g
You aint makin money, and most rappers aint
Blow it in one week on rented cars wit fresh paint
Damn he said that, shit I guess that its on
Bow down its proper etiquette, learn right from wrong
Keep it glowin like lite brite, blinded by the mic its strong
Like this song, damn hard to pause cuz my skills is raw
Talkin behind my back, are you a bitch or a clown
I dunno but its for certain u aint takin the crown
Even when Im 6 feet deep, ull be weepin to sleep
U can never hold my tongue
Give u a whippin like a Catholic nun
Next time ur spinnin in circles with ur words like a fan
Ima settle this like a man, have u prayin to the lord uh yea rite where u stand

Soul controller, verbal chrome holder
Delicious bars be edible, mr incredible
Hulk handwritin like a doctors, barly legible
Im cool as chrome metal, but steamin like a tea kettle
I burn ur settlement, leaving craters in setiment
Speaking with the firepower of regiments, I leave u bent
Cuz ur rhymes aint worth 7 cents
Hence ur broke, a bad joke, Im heaven scent
Leave u prayin for forgiveness, sacrifice meat call it lent
Who are the real terrorists, never know until they bury us
My status is always changing like facebook
Leave u without a hand, crocodile, Captain Hook
Bruce Lee kick punch, Boom Pow
Parappa the rappa, the gold chain snatcha
Computer hacker, code cracker
NBA Jam like Boom Shackalaka
Ima throwin you under the bus with my rhymes oh so clever
You got that hate trait thats been passed on forever
Make it a date at 8, Ill pick up the check mate
Its fate, seein u here wit ur faggot ass clan
But its alright cuz Ima finish this right where u stand

Uhhh Im so sick wit it like Pusha T
Hear the Clipse spew the bullets sayin What happened to that boy g
So now Im gonna go crazy startin no stopping
Everybodys jockin, pop lockin droppin, leanin & rockin,
beef jerkin, lurkin, just searchin so continue hatin my elation of this creation to the preservation of hip hop, cuz I hear the tic toc of my wrist watch getting closer to the alarm, red alert put down ur glock gun shots dont scare me anymore
Ready to kick it up a notch like Emril
Uhhh Lyrics is dirty but oh so fresh & so clean, call me sterile
I was never an outkast in school, clothes were never dated
Aint upcoming to the game cuz I prematurely ejaculated
That means Im already here for u slow pokes and coke dopes
From livin in the struggle to washin up in 100 dollar soaps
Not yet but you cant hate me for dreamin man
But if u do, Ima leave u rite where u stand


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