Bill Maher: New Rule on Police Brutality





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Published on May 12, 2007

Maher response to LAPD violence.

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Maher: "I'd appreciate when you put this on Youtube you leave that part in." LMFAOOO!!!
dilbert mcfly
Bill Maher is dead on. Here are the (uncontested) empirical facts: Police killing civilians? - Cops in USA shoot, and kill civilians 70x more than in European countries - which also have high profile racist incidents of unarmed people getting shot and killed. Just not 3/day. "From 2010 through 2014, there were four fatal police shootings in England, which has a population of about 52 million. By contrast, Albuquerque, N.M., with a population 1 percent the size of England’s, had 26 fatal police shootings in that same time period. China, whose population is 4 and 1/2 times the size of the United States, recorded 12 killings by law enforcement officers in 2014." - Approx 1000-1200 civilians killed by cops (thousands more are shot). No exact number as if civilian deaths are less worthy of attention than missing socks. Only approx 90-100 or 10% are unarmed. - Its a 5x higher chance than being killed by a terrorist (although with the bullying and tear gas use on protesters, technically cops are terrorists too). - # of shots? People in war torn countries like Iraq/Afghanistan are probably shocked. Trying to catch rogue ex-cop Christopher Dorner, at least 7 officers without warning shot a blue Toyota pickup 102 times, thinking it was a gray Nissan. LAPD settled for $4.2 million for mistakenly shooting the 47 and 71 year old women (not the black guy they were looking for). How dangerous is job for cops? - Each year in USA, approx 40 officers die in accidents, with approx 30 in car accidents where half were not wearing seat belts. 6 where motorcycle, and 5 stuck by vehicles. - Heart attacks have soared, killing about 20 officers per year. "Nearly 50% of us will die from heart disease within five years of retirement" - 51 officers were murdered in 2014, up from 27 in 2013. 90% by firearms. 1 was killed with his own weapon, and 7 had theirs stolen. - Finally, the reaction from police forces around the world is about the same - lie, hide it, intimidate and settle out of court. Prisons? - USA has an enormous one quarter of all world prisoners, despite violent crimes rate dropping from approx 800 in 1991 to 400 in 2012. The country that teaches other countries about "freedom" and "constitutional rights" has been These are the statistics. - 80% are in state prisons were 17% are for drugs and 53% for violent offenses (same rates for white/black). Approx 67K white, 92K black for drugs. And 229K white, 284K black for violent. How difficult is it to get fired from being a Police Officer or convicted of felony? - Even if you shot/ killed wrong suspects, had to settle out of court for brutality, and even were fired by another police force for anger/mood-swing/disciplinary issues, another police force will hire you. - Chance of being convicted is less than being struck by lightning. Many police forces like Cleveland have been under federal supervision to improve things. Yet, american police chiefs and sheriffs appear in front of cameras and tell their constituents that it was "justified" and there is no problem with the officers.
Spaced Munky
Fuck tha police.
Steven D'Eva
8 years later, and things have gotten so much worse. Police brutality and police murdering citizens is now biz as usual. For the first time in my life, I am scared of the police.
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Korre Cage
Stallone said it best in DEMOLITION MAN. "Send a maniac to catch a maniac." But in real life. Cops need to learn to turn that switch off when needed.
Harry Balzak
The newer Bill rants about cops are about them killing people. Look how quickly that escalated.
Pat Brennan
maher is a brillilant,brilliant, brilliant, brilliant,brilliant, brilliant, brilliant brilliant, brilliant man, oh i forgot,'' he's brilliant too''.
I used to believe that it was just the bad apples on the force that gave the other 5% a bad name. Then I came to realize "the good cop" is as mythical as the unicorn. Just look at any of these "bad cop" videos on youtube. Inevitably the "bad cop" beating, abusing or strait up murdering defenseless citizens, is surrounded by 5 - 15 other cops ... none of which lift a finger to stop him or even speak a word of rebuke against him, and in fact are likely to join in the abuse and actively participate in the cover up. THEY ARE ALL BAD COPS! Every last one of them. If there was such a thing as a "good cop", wouldn't he try to stop the bad cops in at least one of these youtube videos? I've seen hundreds of them, possibly thousands, and never once have I seen a "good cop" attempt to stop a "bad cop". When you think about it, there are no good cops or bad cops ... there are only "cops" and they are all bad, so there's no point in labeling them.
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