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Published on Aug 24, 2018

The Chosen One from Fallout 2 is arguably the most powerful man in Fallout history. His feats are many, his influence upon the wasteland is almost unrivaled, and he defeated the most frightening mutant ever created. In this video, I’ll be explaining why The Chosen One is a God among Men.

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The Chosen One - A God Among Men (in text form)

To understand the strength of the Chosen One, we must first look where he came from. The Chosen One was born in the mid 2220’s to a set of parents whose name nobody knows. His grandparents, specifically his grandfather, is one of the most revered men on the west coast. A New California Republic Legend, The Chosen One’s grandfather is non other than the Vault Dweller himself. After his exile from Vault 13, the Vault Dweller established Arroyo in 2167. After taking a wife and teaching his fellow tribe members what he could, he left to explore the Wasteland. In 2209, he helped a Brotherhood of Steel Initiate defeat Attis’ Army in the Secret Vault. What happened after that, is a mystery.

My point is, it is in the Chosen One’s very DNA to be a leader, he was always destined for greatness. From the time he could walk, he was trained to be Arroyo’s next Elder, to take the reigns from his mother, the long-reigning elder of Arroyo and the daughter of the Vault Dweller. Not only would he be their elder, he would be their champion as well. The Chosen One was groomed to be the pinnacle of what Arroyo had to offer.

However, as the Chosen One thrived in his position, Arroyo did not. Their community was falling apart. The only man who could save them was The Chosen One. And, much like his grandfather, he left behind everything he knew to save his people, because there was nobody else who could.

I’m not going to give a mission-by-mission review of everything the Chosen One did in Fallout 2. His feats are many, so we’ll just focus on the big ones.

And they don’t get any bigger than Frank Horrigan. Who is Frank Horrigan? He is quite possibly the strongest and toughest human-esque being to ever exist in the Fallout timeline. Super Mutants themselves are already tough as nails, and a specialized suit of Power Armor for anyone with combat training makes them an angel of death on the battlefield. Now imagine a 12ft tall Super Mutant genetically altered by the Enclave that was grafted into a custom made suit of Power Armor and equipped with cybernetic upgrades like bionic eyes to improve his vision and mechanized arms to give him even more strength. Frank Horrigan is more like a walking nuclear warhead than a mortal man. He once ripped a Deathclaw in half with his bare hands. HE RIPPED A DEATHCLAW IN HALF. Horrigan is also one of only 3 Fallout antagonists to have a 10 in every SPECIAL stat. Just listen to him talk and tell me you wouldn’t be shitting bricks if you heard this: [Horrigan quote]

Who can possibly stop a creature like Frank Horrigan? The Chosen One, that’s who. Frank Horrigan is, to quote Bronn from Game of Thrones: “Freakish big and freaking strong, and quicker than you’d expect for a man of that size”. But still, The Chosen One is able to take him down. It is not at all an easy fight, it’s one of the toughest combat sequences in any Fallout game, regardless of what difficulty you’re on.

Defeating Frank Horrigan in and of itself is a hell of a feat, enough so he’d be talked about as a man of legend years after he dies. But, there’s more. When The Chosen One boarded the Enclave Oil Rig, killing Frank Horrigan wasn’t even his primary goal, it was to stop the Enclave.

I’m not gonna go too in-depth here, because the video is about The Chosen One, not necessarily Fallout 2. Think of it this way. There’s the Brotherhood of Steel, right? The main chapter in the Capital Wasteland headquartered in the Citadel, then there’s the west coast chapter in the Mojave Wasteland. The Mojave Chapter are not pushovers, but they’re not nearly the dominant force the East Coast chapter is. That’s the Enclave. Compared to the Enclave in Fallout 2, what you see in Fallout 3 is nothing.


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