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Published on Jan 18, 2011

A direct comparison between the speed of GT cars and F1 machines.

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James Smith
It really puts it in perspective how fast F1 cars are. To think one of those GT cars would destroy even the fastest road cars, but they get pwned by an F1 beast!
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Invaderguy78 Of Space
James Smith Pretty much, to summarize it, you are pretty much trying to say, "And he's off."
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Kalle Taimila
Kimi to the team radio: "Give me some more fuc** power!"
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Jed Empleo
"What the fuck is this Marussia doing?"
Steve Spencer
don't shout there fucker!
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Chris H
i fair to say f1 has its faults.. and some seasons have quite been boring.  BUT at the end of the day its still Formula 1 and theres nothing faster around a track and nothing more amazing in terms of engineering.
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Leeroy Jenkins
Chris H I welcome you to Le Mans :)
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yeah well that's what f1 used to be like kids, before freaks switched v10s and v8s for underpowered v6 vacume cleaners... what has f1 become...
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v6 hybrid wins in terms of everything, except sound, thats all. deal with it. cancerous fans leave just because of the sounds. i stay for the racing. with 2017 cars being more wide and more aero, it sucks to see less overtaking compared to 2009-2016. tall narrow rear wings are always hated, same goes for small tyres. theres nothing wrong with them. although, rules should be changed the whole time, and 2017 did it finally, and i hope it keeps changing to keep the sport, uhh ....i mean "motorsport" fresh. oh and dont reply me to backup your v10 fanboyish opinions, i know what youre going to say, lol
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fuck i never realised how fast that was until i saw this. that takes some monstrous balls
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Sam M
tt riders just have one giant ball ..... and it is inside their skulls.
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Mike Rotchburns
is that real? holy fuck
Yes, it's real.
Michael T
Typical speeds on that corner are 300+ kph
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It's not a joke, however I remind you he's talking about kph, not mph.
Brooke Lazich
No joke. According to the Youtube video, in the 2012 Belgium Grand Prix they were doing 300+ even exiting the top of Raidillon. Absolutely amazing what downforce can do.
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JC Denton
Misleading title. Should be: Sunday drive vs FUCKING FAST!!!
Lee Jia Wei
Race day is on Sunday sir, it should be leisure track day vs serious track day.
Safhira Rovida
One of my favorite vids, for many people, an F1 car is just another fast car since they always see F1 cars racing other F1 cars... Comparatives like these put things in perspective for those kind of people.
Call Me Caesar
I think I've watched enough F1 to lose perspective on how fast they are actually going. I just kind of get used to the speed after a while. Can't wait to see the Belgian gp
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Dolan Kang
I would call it more perspective shift. Try going 100 mph on a fast motorcycle for about 10 miles, then slow down to 55 mph. It literally seems like you can step off the bike and run alongside although of course you could not.
Christopher Abernathy
knurri when you eat your favorite food 3 days in a row, it kinda starts to get old right? or a song? you kinda get used to it and it isn't as surprising anymore. that's what he means
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