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Published on May 19, 2014

Europa "Zeus for me, IS ME" runs Nu-Zombie Amerigo AUS USSR CPC Al-Qaeda Peace-KO@Genocide Inc = UN@Nu Original Sin den

cf. "Xrist = Title of Jews King" by Homo-WARS'N'PEST Greek + Sneaker Latin = KOR mini-Sino. Church~Royal~Nobel~Gov = Worm pod. UNI pods = Nuclear Weapons "Erase all & plant me" Females curse. Greco-Euro organized Latin-savage into Nu as balcony worms "NEST IN PEACE" by freeze-time. ABC-Jews got Papyrus~letter~stone by luck = ate into curse/self-love/pest unlike Moai. Mediterranean germs cursed their limits "All is dead here BC" unlike Egypt RIP & cultivate home. Paper for ABC = by Arab. Euro never exists.

The real ever-Crucify "Nu Birth@Afterlife 1945 BJ" by Worms Dolls Ghosts Ghouls Beasts & Dragon in UN-ity "REMEMBER DEAD ME, NO PAIN ALL GAIN" 0 + 4 = Non 2-footed. Do USA in EUR by DIG EUR for its idea.

"UN" Nu BC Opera-tion by Foie-gras USA@Nu Rome. Doppel-Gang by Greek HIV FRA@NY Mary Big Bang "Re-evolution". Radioactive Guillotine EUtopian Social Red Pest Cannibal Terrorism keep Nu "tests" in the Pacific leaving 2 Openings. Expo party escape Birth Ground Zero by Mafia G-5678 Summit "Ally" demand all to build EUR-KORoyal House in 2011-311, Wi-Peace-2012, TPP, etc.

All real on 1 Earth they don't belong, re-member or Birth Pang in Seine, Medit, Atlantic to show Model Medicine Brake Judge Punish of Original Fruits of pods@Iberia to Scandinavia in 2 States + IS-rael "Earth is Test Toilet". Nu-dome "World Health Org" in radio. The dead gives no birth but vice & rot.

1776, FRA "Get the Nu Host" = 1886, BC Torch under-SUN decade-LATE@1st plan "Set in Suez" refused by EGY on $1@BC-eye
= Open Sesame boiled on Warships counting whales Gallon drank Atlantic turned to kill the Pacific-life over dateline using Greenwich-paw. United Bombs + WWWar Web "Convert Freeze Peace" on Zipangu@Goal in 19th.

18th Nu Renaissance in Nu Clothes
"Free- Democra- Citiz-" = anarchy jungle in War Song-Flag-March "WHERE TO PLANT US"
"Fair" Crush-flat for UN-invited apes
"Re-in-public" Greco-Rome@War-inside Terror-outside "Bang & Rule GDP" by arms & poison
"President" Nu Pope@King of Cave swear by book. "Policy" Nu Religion by Chucky & Girls in RPG
"Gov Office Univ-ity" = Royal-church/Raw-grave/Sin-pod/Show-stage/Skull-womb@BLACK HOLE
"Making of" Catastrophe on ESP Road

17-19th, Severe Climate recorded in ZPN@Globe-ity. ABC worms = self-Disaster made Nu Devil-dog@Son-God-Jet to ride with Jesus Socrates Einstein & all
= United Brutes Curse Rot/Hunt-Race ism/Bomb-Judge recipe & Genesis formed in the Vacuum Weapons for Nu Capital@Virgin-Penis on Man-Spine@Mother Earth
= Automatic ever-Pest/Vice/Ruin/1-sided Law for Annihilation "Rest In Pain" on God's Breath~Ties~Body replaced by A-BC Warld.

DNA repeats itself. God-cide ABC Terrorism "Echo St, Do Evil". Apes bark Phrase/Inferior yelp Superior/Sex-Violence Fever/Sin-Savage-Germs need God-Law-Cup/Anti-wind-time-truth/USA for Red as 1905.

ITA USA CHN@Red-Yolk for self-love GRE EUR KOR "St Cry for Image-pain". 1920 Vatican "St Girl 1431", 2015 USA "KOR Girl" during what? "Am Amerigo/Am Lee 1392-1910" All KOR.
[Ape + Old] Nu seedless atoms make ever-Sacrifice & Scapegoat OF OTHERS LIFESPAN. No-face, amend or save 1 life in 70-year Free Force@K-Pop Gov & Citizen without People's soil.

Life is to grow & none, better & clear with time@God ends Needless.
[Biology] Anonymous in Ism. Herbivore in Harmony@JPN Tribe-Name. Genuine-Day/Today/Hello@State-Name by Leaf Tongue

eU Uk Us Un = Ever-races before 1 cell in stillborn Castle/CHN Wall/UNESCO JAIL. Nu-Protest USA = FRA to SWE rob'n'rot all roots, hunt'n'nest by any Word Tool in no-hand All-Arms with no conscience/gravity/experience/memory/idea of Human Life Family Home River & 1st Voice-Step-Process-End (Birth Cry, Hello-Bye, Remember-Forget). They lack 1-self@Re-source to re-pair, grow, rule to use. RIP to the armed Peace-mongers.


科学も進化は日本。GO令で普及&海外へ売れる。政府は溜った汚泥・大奥帯同。日本を食い潰す国連。宇宙は無に帰す前提。その内で生長→退化→死。呼吸する諸行無常@Impermanent。真理(全生まっとう・念や汚泥を残さない)に背く常任〝Permanent 永久〟の邪を刻印。過去=過ちを閉じず爆弾にした欧州の犬USA。時間も殺す恒久法BC再燃。永遠の戦前・戦中・戦後=欧州暗黒が人類下地&権利者。フリーSEXや暴力で遺伝子組換&狂った母胎。生まれる事が恐怖。生物や土壌無視の地球法。獣性+劣等性〝自然は邪悪〟が背景。




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