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Published on Sep 26, 2012

This is a malayalam movie scene from Lady Brucelee (2011). Starring Ayesha, Jay Akash, Avinash and Others.

Movie Synopsis
Lady Brucelee (2011) is a Malayalam action movie starring Ayesha, Jay Akash, Avinash and Others. In a a sence ""Lady Brucelee"" is not just an action movie. Moreover it has a good message to women. Our Women learn everything, but do she learn the basic marshal arts to defend herself from the defenders of life. Yes, the present life module of society demands it. Martial arts can help your daughter prepare for life’s challenges found throughout her early years and well into adulthood. She can use the confidence developed to help her at school when taking an exam and speaking in front of a group. She will learn to be assertive and protect herself if need be. The life of people in the marshal arts field demands the most. Women can take advantage of the benefits that have made martial arts popular. Each woman will discover the benefits that are most important to her. Here are some to consider. Start with self-defense.The ability for a woman to protect herself (and any children in her care) is a serious matter Today, many woman are susceptible to the same levels of work related stress that have traditionally affected men. Many women need to balance the most challenging job in the world, raising children, with part-time or full-time careers. Martial arts can provide stress management. Whether a woman wants to shed a few pounds, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility, martial arts offers it all. In this movie there is the story of a girl, named Jaya, who'se father, Susheel Kumar was kidnapped by an International criminal called Khan. Since he was a computer expert, they kidnapped him for doing hacking. Movie forwards through this exciting story line. Movie starts with an exercise sequence of Jaya. She always stand against crime and criminals. Her mother was in bed for the last 14 years since after the kidnapping of her father. She is doing practice for the Inter state classic dance competition, his father very much dreamed her to be as a professional dancer. This is the movie strategy. In her child hood days she had learned both dance and marshal arts from her father. Susheel kumar was taken in to Bangkok by Khan. Jaya was his trump card. He occasionally showed Susheel her present photos. Actually he was doing that all he said for to see that photos, this shows the immense and intense love of a father. Finally Jaya won the title of dance competition and returned with the medal and some one had left a present for her , but it had a strange map.. But the happiness not lasted long. Her mother passed away on the same day, her last wish was to find her husband and to bring him back. Jaya decides to go on this mission. She took the baggage and gone from home. She wandered all over the place. Once she tried to save a businessman from a group of criminals and they fought back with some un known marshal arts technique Jaya got seviourly injured and lost consciousness. When she opend her eyes she found herself in a home, a man called Kiran had saved her.Through her she find that the map signifies a marshal arts called 'kalarchi"" and a Kung Fu master told her about a Master called Drona who knows it. She searched for him and found him in a dense forest. He taught her Kalarchi. And told about the kidnapper of her father.She taken the flight to Bangkok. there she met two police officers, Aakash & Bhoomika. From Linda, Jaya came to know about Khan's hidden places. There starts the most thrilling climax of this movie. Go on and watch this exiting movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.

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