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Published on Dec 5, 2011


The greatest sin in Islam is shirk (polytheism).
In Islam, shirk (Arabic: شرك‎ širk) is the sin of idolatry or polytheism. i.e. the worship of anyone or anything other than the singular God, or more literally the establishment of "partners" placed beside God.

Within Islam, shirk is an unforgivable sin; God may forgive any sin except for committing shirk.

Verily whoever sets partners with Allah, then Allah has forbidden paradise for him and the Fire will be his abode,
[Al-Ma'ida - verse 72]

The Prophet (pbuh) was asked: what is the greater sin , he said: To ascribe partners to Allah even though he created you,
[Transmitted by al-Bukhaaree]

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I welcome more and more kafir, non-muslim especially atheist to watch this channel..may Allah open their heart.Aminn....
Neo Turkey
Seerat ahmad
ameen dear brother
Jay Amin
I am a slave of Allah (SWT) and I feel exceptionally Blessed & Lucky that he guided me to the truth. Allah <3
Aymen FDL
i don't  even want to imagine what is going to happen to the disbeliever in the day of judgement , thank god for being muslim
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Rizky Triasmoro
Aymen FDL alhamdulillah
Eos Jagaer
+Don Eladio Salamanca Yes the Lord's doors are open to his creations, Us.
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Mirza Muhammad Umer Rafique
Hey guys, lets keep all of your negative comments, foul mouth to your self. Everyone can swear, or argue sitting on the computer watching youtube. So, please act mature. If you dont believe in Islam, keep it to your self and move on with what ever ur doing. I have full faith and trust in my religion,Shukaralhamdulillah. No one have time to argue on non sense, some of you people .... In the end we shall Inshallah find out, when the day of Judment arrives. So, please watch the video, comment ( disgarding the negative). And move on, thanks. 
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James 877777
Ok, you dont believe in GOD, because, you cant see him?,so, according to you, what you cant see does not exist? ok, you belive in love, yes?, show me love, you can show or feel the effects of love, but, you cant show it to me, yet you believe it. Gravity is another one, show it to me. I can go on and on, the wind another one, air too. Face it, there are many things that human beings cant see, yet, we still believe it, yet, you (atheists) find it so hard to believe in GOD, yet, you are perfectly ok with believing that this whole universe was created by itself. Science today tells us that before the big bang, there was nothing, so, how can nothing equal something?
WAN Fenium
if u dont want get offended,say nothing,do nothing and be nothing
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amon ra
il debate any christian mathew15:7-8 mark7-7 you christians mad cuz we follow da true god and yall worship crosses
Mike Tyson.
+amon ra +Alama Sgma
tim smith
Waqas Sher
Just stop reading these comments. It brings nothing but hatred for these people who are claiming false filth against our religion Islam, having no proof at all. May Allah lead them to the right path Ameen. 
Eos Jagaer
Yeah... It just wastes our data and makes us offended.
Bhojraj Shinde
I am a hindu.What i found that punishing for shirk or unbelief or idol worship is the most stupid and unjust thing that muslim diety called allah can do and yet he called himself most merceful in quran.
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Muhammad Asyraf
+Samratt Verma the life itself is a test. you need to use your brain to find the truth. if everyone was born righteous, what is the purpose of life at the first place? use your brain to find the truth. say watever you want about god you atheist, but ome thing for sure, youre gonna die. and not a single atheist can comfirm to you what happened after you died. you will meet your lord. and that time my brother, theres no turning back :)
Samratt Verma
you think that we are brainwashed , but did you think it could be you muslims.And if allah does not want the humans to follow other religions than why does other religions exists. Christianity - 2.2 billion , islam - 1.6 billion , hinduism - 1 billion . If we leave islam then nearly 5.4 billion are disbeliever in you sense. That from nearly 7 billion 5.4 billion people will be sent hell, does that make even 1% of sense. And, if following other religions are bad than what had happened to the stone age man who does not even knew what were religions , does all the people of stone age were sent to hell. So , before saying that people of other religions are brainwashed , think about your religion. -An Atheist
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ppl need to realize that just because u don't see allah doesn't mean hes not there. We need to accept how limited we are and how little we are. hamdullah for our prophet, hamdullah for our imams. hamdullah for the quran, hamdullah for having ALLAH in our lives, and most of all hamdullah for  paradise for the after life. May we all go the right path, and may we all open our eyes. Allah Akbar. thnx
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These peoples logics can be used in such a way 'we cant see your brain, we think not that you have a brain'
Eos Jagaer
+Eos Jagaer position*
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Roel Vink
The worst sin has to be not learning the Truth of life while you can. The Truth and the life has to be God, so people that ignore the Truth or give other things priority are saying by their actions and their desires that they do not want to know God. That has to be the greatest sin. True or false? (page 2 Present with Religion) Learn the Truth of Life, it will change everything in the best way possible. Search for TruthContest and read the Present
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Alama Sgma
+bashir younosi - Facts from the Quran? The Quran author sometimes assumed himself to be HUMAN-LIKE to make a strongly humorous human logic that HOW COULD ALLAH HAVE A SON WHEN HE HAD NO WIFE/MATE (Q 6:101, 72:3). The Quran attacked something that has never been claimed by the opposing God in the Bible is called a straw man argument, and is a logical fallacy.  Note that the Quran forgot that the Bible NEVER claimed God had sex with Mary to have Jesus, More interestingly, the logic in Quran 6:101 contradicted Quran 19:21 in a plain literal text when Mary asked a similar question (How can she have a son when she has no sex?), but Allah in this case was very proud to confirm with Mary that IT IS EASY FOR ME.   DO NOT LAUGH AT ALLAH in QURAN!
The only right guidance is Allah the best/greatest
+Alama Sgma you people keep giving own arguments whitout facts like the priest. and that is why so manny people is deceiced. BUT ANNYWAY WE GONNA SEE WHO ARE THE LOST ONE AND THE LIARS AND WHO ARE THE GOOD ONE AND THE TRUTH.  EVERYTHING IS BY CHANCE MAN?! FOOLISH!
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