Iran Army vs Israel





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Published on Jan 26, 2011


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abd saadi
IRAN will destroy isreal in 2 seconds
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+daniel sandlin You wrote, "suck my dick you goat fuckin cocksucker" - Yeah, now that will show him...you israeli hasbara shills are clearly odious and out of ideas.
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Muhannad Ace
Fuck israel from saudi arabia .. 
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Hussein Domari
iran is the SUPERPOWER in asia, not only in middleast
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AK407 TANGAROA  People
Fake Israel not real Israel.
Hussein Domari
+You Tuber  you are a fucking bastard, what the fuck do you know about politic you son of a whore, i hate jews like you, fucking dirty zionist. hope you get cancer
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Jonathan Bassin
One day a war will start, and I will fight for my country Israel. I will watch how Israel with the super high techenology smash the iranian monkeys. All of the video were weapons of Israel 20 years ago. With such defenses and attack we can neutrolize Iran in seconds
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Iran will destroy isreal in 9 hours 
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BøRň ŞoŁdîəř
I hope shias & sunnis become together & destroy israhell together 
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am a
lets have peace, from iran. wars make gods children bleed
Beastly the Warrior
+saeed al adel no one can destroy us.
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haha more than 20 countries tried to crush Iran by helping Saddam for 8 years, u think tiny Israel with it´s 200 000 soldiers and F16s can crush Iran?! Iran is totally different from any other Arab nation Israel been in war with, Iran is different!!!!
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+roiking2740 Listen here you moron, you've not made an "argument" for me to employ any "counter argument", you certainly do have a rather stilted view of your abilities - let me assure you, it is not warranted. LOL Actually you do have to be able to express yourself correctly and accurately to be regarded as "smart" in ANY academic field. You simply do not tire of being wrong. Hah, I like that about you, you're unapologetically stupid and proud of it! Good! You said, "and meny people who reached the highest ranks in humanity never finish school" - it is spelled "many" - a rather common word...why not go ahead and name just a dozen of the "meny" (lol) who have reached the highest ranks in humanity. First and last names please, so I can look them up and be impressed by your great big brain. I do not have a "trap". If I did I'd not shut it, as all requests by zionist bums and self-absorbed morons are treated much as lavatory paper. Clearly a village is missing its imbecile...
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Ivan Rapaport
Iran = 0 nukes Israel = 80 nukes enough said.
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Sanad Amsha
What israelis don't understand is that iran is just so big to defeat, iran owns countless rockets ready to fire, it was conformed that iran is able to launch 10.000 rockets in one hour, with all israel anti missles system, i highly doubt its going to be fine against 10.000 in one hour, thats 50.000 in 5 hours.. how you can explain that? lets say 20.000 rockets landed, 8.000 landed on open areas, 12.000 in army bases and cities... thats enough to turn hifa and tel aviv to ghost town,, i mean with all israeli missles launched and airforce.. how this will change the game? all what iran has to do is play shot and hide for 5 hours and just anti-air... im not hating or anything, but you people who says israel will defeat iran easily needs to re-think about it, im not saying iran is flawless, iran will take heavy damage, but it wont be as much as it does to israel,,, and again iran is 30x larger than israel,, which means iran can take 30x damge that israel can handle.
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Shy tzedaka
Nothing. Lets just Say Iran and Israel Should sit morning and Drink coffee m8 Because i Dun have for Iran's bullshit
Sanad Amsha
will if they never trained them and they still defeat you, what happens if they train them?
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Frogman Waterblast
+Juan Martinez Die, you filthy Argentinazi!
Juan Martinez
se dice muerete y nazi no nazista. y no por no estar de acuerdo con matar gente en palestina uno es nazi. el holocausto lo lloro el mundo. y ahora los nazis son los isreaelies. no aprendieron nada. como tampoco vos ciego de mieda
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