Ion Propulsion (Lifters) and the Physics of a New Theory.





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Uploaded on Feb 2, 2011

If our eyes worked at a different wavelength we would be able to see that everything is radiating light waves of EMR continuously.

In this Theory it is the continuous emission and absorption of these EMW that forms the forward passage of time itself forming the geometry or curvature of spacetime.

This video is mostly about a new quantum theory but I think people will find the similarities between how these little Lifters work and how gravity is formed in this new theory very interesting.

Lifters create lift by driving the ionized air downwards forming an upward force. Some people say that it is easy to see that Lifters do not form anti-gravity because it generates this force consistently along its own axis, regardless of the surrounding gravitational field.

But in this new theory all objects create their own gravitational fields relative to their energy or mass. In this theory Lifters create their own localized gravitational fields. This gravitational field is relative to their energy formed by the high voltage, electrical charge radiating from the emitting wire at the top of the lifter. Sometimes this can be seen as a purple corona-like glow of light radiating from the emitting wire.

This distorts the geometry of spacetime creating the air flow that creates the lift. In this Theory Newton's apple does not fall to the ground because of the downward force of gravity but because of the upward momentum of EMR or light. Gravity is not a real force at all. Objects just free-fall towards the greatest mass or energy because they have the slowest rate or flow of time.

In the theory of General Relativity Einstein's explained gravity as a curvature of spacetime. As objects move around they curve spacetime relative to their energy or mass. This is a beautiful theory but it does not explain how objects actually do this.

This video does not disagree with General Relativity it just explains a process of energy exchange by photon electron couplings that forms the forward passage of time forming the curvature of spacetime


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