Mabinogi- Thirteenth Generation Playthrough(5/7)





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Uploaded on Jan 30, 2011

... Just... why?

Nexon is really starting to kill me (not literally) these days. First off, they forgot the Goddess of Light music files. That was taken care of fairly quickly. Then they forget to give us the ending movie for G12. The only reason *I* had it is because of the fact that I didn't finish G12 until this January. Now... this.

For those of you who may not have realised it, Nexon screwed up big time at this point. First of all, the music for G13 was not found. Nexon NA THEMSELVES have yet to fix the problem. Because I was only able to find the music files yesterday (thanks Awolkia), and I finished G13 a LONG time ago, I had to manually insert and edit the music as I saw fitting. For that, there is some crappy sound editing. I apologize for that. Also, Xfire... somehow had problems and a BIT of the sound was missing. That was for me to rectify. And if you want to ask if I can make a cutscene compilation...no. I'm sorry, and it was what I wanted to do too, but stupid Devcat doesn't have a cutscene archive for Hamlet. Yeah...

Generation 13: Hamlet is actually VERY easy. Why?

-All of it took me six hours
-The Grim Reaper (final boss) is a pile of fail.

In any case, I should probably start explaining the stalking-- er, spying scene.

You have to spy on Claudius. Pretty self-explainatory, right? Well... you're in Hide function, and you're slowed to tip-toeing. Also, Claudius' vision is marked on the ground. The system will tell you if you're getting too close or too far. If you get too close and he turns around (which he will), you get caught and you fail the mission. If you get too far, he will seem to disappear, and you will fail the mission. He actually has a pattern to his movement (will post link here). Follow him successfully to the other side of the room, and you will complete the mission.

Then, you have "Revolution". Simply put, Laertes is pissed off concerning his father's death and wants to take it to the king. Turns out that the townspeople are fed up, too. A huge riot takes place at the doors of the castle, and you join in to protect the citizens. This lasts TEN MINUTES. That's right, TEN MINUTES. That's not to say that you automatically complete the mission in ten minutes. It just means that the time it takes for the average person to complete all the waves of sentries takes approximately ten minutes. Protect the civilians. Keep in mind that the sentries are not really hard hitters, but can kill you. Make sure that you stay alert and fend off the sentries that you can fend off.

Now, you have the final boss. The embodiement of Death itself, the Grim Reaper.

This guy is a pushover. First of all, you can take the authentic approach. Myself, I used fused bolts Ice Lightning and Ice Fire to attack him at a range. Ranged attacks and Alchemy also work. The thing is that you want to keep a distance. The Grim Reaper has three moves:

-Grim Reaper Horizontal Attack
-Grim Reaper Vertical Attack
-Grim Reaper Windmill

The windmill is something that you need to watch out for. The Grim Reaper will sink to the ground and, after a few seconds, appear suddenly and swing at the air. If you're hit, your HP and Stamina will be drained at a rapid rate. To avoid the windmill, you have to run away from where you were when he sinked in a STRAIGHT LINE. This evasion tactic will not work if this is not done exactly. As for the vertical and horizontal attacks, his back is vunerable. When he raises his scythe, you should go behind him and attack again (provided you're doing melee). You can also avoid the vertical and horizontal attacks through the Evasion skill. Ultimately, when you defeat the Grim Reaper, and complete the final quest, you get three personas. These personas can be used for five minutes and have a cooldown of 30 minutes.

~Axishazard [of Mari]


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