Let's Race: Megaman 2 - With NintendoCapriSun, JoeTheTrueGamer and Inurian59





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Published on Jun 22, 2012

**You may want to read this before watching the video. Or during it, or even after it. Although then it would be rather useless**

This is a race I held with NCS. I want to thank Joe and Inurian for taking part in this. I had a lot of fun.

The first thing I want to point out, is that Joe doesn't have any video. His video corrupted and became unusable, but there was no way that we were going to re-record this.
So I just left in his commentary, so you get the idea of where he is.

Now on to the actual video.

Wow... Just wow.
I had so much fun recording this. It honestly turned out to be a real blast. Not only getting to speak to one of my favourite LP'ers personally, but going head-to-head with him in one of the best games I could have chosen.

I performed pretty well, on my part. I did make a few mistakes, such as climbing the wrong ladder on Crashmans stage and losing about 5 seconds. Or when I decided to refil my Metal Blade on Wily 4... That was stupid, and is probably what cost me the race.
But overall I'm extremely happy with how this turned out.

NCS really did put up an amazing fight for this whole thing, and the fact that he managed to snatch it from right under my nose was very impressive, indeed. We really were neck and neck for this whole video.

I noticed NCS using some tactics I've never thought of before. Such as using the Flash Cannon on the wolves in Woodmans stage. And taking the right ladder on Crashman, rather than the left. But unfortunately the tactics I had were just about good enough to counter those and keep me up to speed with him. Damn it was so close, and I can't get over that.

The fact that we both managed to beat our personal best times, and got times uner 38 minutes was just incredible.
I've never run the game so quickly before, and if I didn't f*ck up so many times, I could have probably gotten below 37 minutes.

Overall, I'm INCREDIBLY pleased with how this turned out, and I want to thank everyone who has stopped by to watch it.
Oh, and thank you for reading to the end of this ridiculously long description.

On to the music. I used a lot of OcRemix songs. Not only because they sound completely badass, but also because they are free.
The D&B song that I used, I actually paid for. So yeah, I do legally own the Instrumental Of Devastation. Not sure if it was okay to use Airman Ga Taosenai. But no other youtubers seem to have problems when they use it, so I hopefully shouldn't either.
When it came to Wily stages 3&4, I used remixes of my favourite Wily songs from other games. And they also set the mood very nicely.
Here is a full list of the songs I used, in order of their appearance.

Duane And BrandO: MM2 Instrumental
OcRemix: Nuclear Flash
OcRemix: With The Quickness
OcRemix: Stainless Steel
OcRemix: Bubble Man (wants to get) Funked Up
OcRemix: Leaf Storm
Team Nekokan: Airman Ga Taosenai Instrumental
OcRemix: Rapid Fire
Megaman 2: Wily's Castle stage 1/2
OcRemix: Dr. Wily Symphonic
OcRemix: Origami Robots
OcRemix: A Daring Escape
OcRemix: The Skull Fortress
OcRemix: The Fifth Season
OcRemix: Wily and the Deep Forest


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