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Published on Apr 15, 2013

Find out how to prepare kale for a delicious and quick kale salad!
I'm Susan Bowerman, Herbalife nutritionist. Well you caught me making one of my favorite dishes. Kale is very popular right now and a lot of people are eating it raw in salads. So today I'm going to show you a really quick kale salad that you can make at home.
You can see that I've chopped up my kale really finely. One of the tricks to making a kale salad is to take some of that bitter edge off. So what I'm going to do is that I'm just going to give my kale a little bit of a bath with some hot water. I'm just going to take a couple of minutes to rinse it, give it a little massage, a little squeeze. And what this is doing, it's just softening the leaves a little bit it takes a little bit of that raw taste away but it's not really cooking it, it's just softening it a little bit.

So once you've done that for a couple of minutes just go ahead and turn your water to cold, give a quick rinse, just to freshen it up again and we're good to go. So let's take this over to the table and I'll show you how to finish off your salad.

So I've got my kale all nice and massaged and rinsed here and I'm putting in to my salad spinner. If you don't have a salad spinner at home you should think about getting one because one of the things you should do whenever you make a salad is that you want to get your greens as dry as possible. Because otherwise if there's too much water left on there it's going to dilute your dressing.

So, I'm going to take that out and you can see how much liquid I was able to spin out of there so that's great. Now before I put it in the bowl though I'm going to go ahead and make my vinaigrette. When I make my salad dressings I usually make them in the bottom of the bowl it just seems to work better when it comes to mixing. And a classic vinaigrette usually calls for 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar or lemon juice. I always use two, I think its fine and it's a third less fat.

So I'm going to go ahead and put in a couple of spoons of olive oil in the bottom of the bowl. And for this kale salad, because the kale is pretty strong tasting I don't want to use a strong vinegar like a balsamic, I'm going to use something really mild and sweet so I'm going to use a rice vinegar. So again, I'm going to use 1 part to my two parts of oil. Some fresh pepper or you can use already ground pepper if that's what you want. And a little bit of salt and that's kind of the start to your classic vinaigrette. I'm also going to put just a tiny bit of this grainy mustard in here just a little bit and I'm going to mix all that up before I add my kale in.

And one of the things that I wanted to point out is that I see a lot of pre-made kale salads in the super-markets and they're fine but one of the things that I've noticed is that when I've eaten them is that they're really, really oily, they seem to put a lot of dressing on them. And I'm keeping mine to a minimum because I really want the flavors of the kale and all the ingredients I'm going to add.

So now I'm going to put my kale in there. It's such a pretty color. And we're just going to give it a little bit of a toss. And one of the other things about kale is that it can be a little on the bitter side and so one of the ways that you counteract that bitterness is you add something sweet. So what I've got here is some mango slices and I've also got some apple. You can add other fruits in there citrus it good. You could try something like some blood oranges if you wanted to. But just any kind of fruit some people put dried fruit they'll put raisins in there or maybe a little bit of cranberry but it also adds a bit of color it's a nice contrast to this green, green salad.

So there you go and maybe when you're ready to serve it if you wanted to you could put a few extra pieces on top. But you could see how quickly and easily that went together. And it makes a great side dish or the other thing you could do is that some people just use this as an entrée salad and just a little protein on the side and you're good to go.

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