Where's Waldo Slap Bet: To the Point Part 2





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Published on Feb 6, 2012

A much more concise version of the hour long Where's Waldo Slap Bet. If you wish to view the entire slap bet, click here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...

Part 2 of 2

Here's the original description:

Chris Jones and Dan McNally have made the worlds greatest slap bet. On November 4th, Dan and Chris will compete in a game of human where's waldo? in downtown Peterborough with slaps on the line. A real live waldo (Peter Borkowski, the slap bet commissioner) will be moving around Peterborough and Dan and Chris will be racing around trying to find him. Everyone 15 minutes, Waldo will send out a riddle leading to his current location (though Waldo will be moving). The first person to physically tag Waldo will win.

But you may be wondering, "what makes this slap bet so awesome?" Well, if you're asking that, you obviously didn't read the preceding paragraph. But along with the task involved being awesome, there is more than a simple slap on the line. The winner gets the same rights that Marshall Erikson currently has over Barney Stinson from the original slap bet (for more information, see How I Met Your Mother, Season 2, Episode 9 "Slap Bet"). The winner will have the right to slap the other in the face at any time from now until eternity. This includes Weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, During Exams,during a lecture, during a seminar, childbirth, watching the video of Peter slapping Chris, while on facebook, while playing Super Smash Bros and any other scenario you can think of except for the following: Drunk, while driving, while eating poutine, while playing squash and sleeping.

If you are reading this, you may be wondering "where did they come up with such an awesome idea?" Well, it all started when Chris and Dan had a slap bet about who could stay up later on a saturday night after a party. The result was Chris paying Dan 10 dollars at 5:30am to call off the bet. But earlier at the party, Chris made a slap bet with Peter over when the Montreal Canadiens last won the Stanley Cup (Chris believed in was 1992, Peter said 1993). As you are no doubt aware, the Habs beat the LA Kings in 1993 cup final in 5 games. So the next morning, Peter slapped Chris across the face outside of Dan and Soren's room (on camera and that video has become a legend). Later that day, we as a group decided that Dan and Chris need a real slap bet that needs to result in 5 slaps that can be used at any time from now until eternity. Soren, Peter, Dan, Chris, Marie, Adam, MacKenzie and Mary spent an hour brainstorming epic bets. Some ideas included: Who can sit in a bathroom alone for the longest, who can steal the most food from the cafeteria,, who can stay in Gzowski the longest, knock and don't run, who can sit under the bridge the longest, who can sit in the drumline/quad the longest and who can sleep under their bed for the most consecutive nights. In the end, Soren can up with the genius idea for Where's Waldo. Peter called dibs on the right to be slap bet commissioner and the bet was on.

There are some specific rules
1. Each person will have a helper who will travel with them at all times. Mary will travel with Chris, Marie will travel with Dan and Soren will travel with Peter
2. The helper person will carry a camera and will film their competitor so that the bet can be recorded and put on youtube
3. Both competitors will receive the same riddle from Waldo/Peter every 15 minutes
4. If Waldo has not been found by 6:30, there will be an hour break so that Waldo can eat dinner safely. Both competitors and Waldo will meet at Champs.
5. Seeing Waldo is not enough. You must actually physically tag Waldo (He is allowed to run, but who are we kidding, he's not gonna)
6. Each competitor is only allowed 1 (one) helper who must stay with them AT ALL TIMES!!! They cannot send out other people to help find out Waldo. Violation of this rule can result in disqualification and an increased number of slaps.
7. If you are using a car, you may have a 3rd person in the backseat to film but they are only allowed to film and do nothing else.
8. The interpretation of the riddle is up to the competitors.
9. Competitors cannot attempt to contact Waldo except in a life threatening emergency that requires stoppage of the bet (temporarily).
10. If Waldo has not been found by 9pm on friday night, the bet will be halted and will restart on Sunday morning.

Good luck to both competitors.
Let the slaps fall where they may!

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