CNN Gets Blitzed by Michael Moore





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Published on Jul 9, 2007

Mike demands an apology from CNN for Dr. Sanjay Gupta's biased reporting on 'SiCKO' and for helping the Bush administration lie us into a pointless war. More about this story on http://www.michaelmoore.com .

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CodesterProductions, Roblox Rants
So waiting in a room longer for treatment is worse then no treatment at all? Great logic.
Beavis Butthead
I died of laughter on that CNN intro clip, especially how they were talking shit on Canada. Ive broken my arm 3 times, went to the hospital, left the next day with $1000+ more in my bank account. Not only was it free for me to go, but affordable private insurance compensated me for my very brief trips. Enjoy leaving the hospital with debt americans...
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waiting for treatment seems a hell of a lot better than never getting it
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What a crock of shit on Canadian health care. I can go to a doctor today if need be and wait no more than 1hr. Specialists within a week. If you go to an emergency room you are triaged and wait is dependent  on severity of illness, and how many people are in the waiting room. A couple of years ago I was getting an odd pain in my chest though not too severe. Went to a hospital here in Toronto and was hooked up to an ECG talking to 2 doctors within 10mins of arriving. That was including registering for my first visit to that particular hospital which takes a few mins. That is nothing in comparison to the nightmare stories I have read about sick people in the USA whom dont have insurance.. Apples and small block chevy's : /
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Владимир Ленин
Micheal Moore destroys Capitalist mouth piece CNN!!!! Good job micheal moore a real american hero and patriot.
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Brandon G
I'd rather my tax dollars to go to universal health care than it go to war and foreign aid to Middle-Eastern countries. CNN is fucking retarded. In Canada, the only real taxes that I pay are income tax and $0.15 in tax per dollar that I spend when buying things. I pay a maybe 2-4k in taxes per year while I get a good maybe 15k worth of government services... The wait times may be a couple hours to see a doctor (when non-urgent) but I'd rather wait a couple hours than sell my house to pay for health bills.
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I'm Canadian, and I have no complaints about wait times, and have never had to purchase outside of covered service.
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Daniel Bishop
If any Americans can get to Australia we'd be glad to help just bring your pulled pork recipes and california girls and it's a deal. Oh yeah, bring Bill Burr too. I like that guy.
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I come back to watch this every once in a while because it is amazing to see Michael destroy cnn.. I have so much respect for him
Ismail Gurkan
he ripped a new asshole to Wolf :))
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