Re-inventing the Wheel - Wheel-less Bicycle 自転車の車輪しなくて

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2008/01/27 に公開

This was just a quick 5 minute Blender sketch to show that blender can do some nice inverse kinematics in a hurry. You can do much more, make it bend in the middle (steering) throw on a few gyros, maybe some speakers, more colors... After all, why should I have all the fun?

I made a quick tutorial on how I did this animation. See

Description updated. I never thought it would be so popular, so don't give these people a hard time for not reading it, ok? hehehe.

This "wheel-less" bicycle animation was created using Blender 3D for Linux (a really great free, open source program you can download from ). I invented a better leg mechanism, but I don't want to share it until I build it. And that could be a while because I'm broke and going to college, lol. Meanwhile, this leg mechanism was copied (traced) from another video depicting a two dimensional matlab demonstration of Theo Jansen's mechanism. Using a little imagination, I made it into a moving 3D virtual kinetic sculpture. I even made another video showing you how I created this. See below. Theo Jansen's aesthetically pleasing kinetic sculptures can be found at and on YouTube. Just search for Theo Jansen. According to He has elected not to patent these inventions, which makes him a hero to me. All he asks if you are interested in them is that you purchase his book available on the aforementioned Feel free to re-create or re-mix this video any way you want. Just include a link to this one. It's open source inventing! Rig it.

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The music track is something I recorded in my neighbor's crawl space after my little trailer burnt down back in 2001. It was inspired by The Beatles. It's basically an advertisement for the Red Cross: They bought me new clothes to replace the ones that burnt up in the fire. The CD sat around for a few years gathering dust and I suppose no one will hear it if I don't put it out there so here you go. I know the quality sucks. It was a one-off with zero-budget, just me, my computer and a bad case of smoke inhalation...

Changing the world one byte at a time.

I make no guarantees about safety or that the vehicle in the video is suitable for any particular purpose, implied or otherwise. If you are a serious investor, I suppose I, or any enterprising young artist, could make something better for you with some actual time spent on it!

没有更好的自行车车轮 自転車の車輪しなくて

Change the World

Give a dollar to the American Red Cross.
They'll give you shelter when all else is lost.
[Pay] attention to the man on the street
'cause he might not mention he has nothing to eat.

We must find a way to make a better world,
just you and I.
We can change the world.
It doesn't take a lot,
just you and I.

Don't be alarmed but it's a Third World War
And even if you're armed there's a battle in store.
Progress will cease if we can't get it through our mind
that if we're fighting for peace we must be truthful and kind.

Don't stay up waiting for the coming messiah.
Just give up hating. Know the good from the liar.
There is no miracle that can do the job for us.
But something lyrical starts with knowing the chorus.