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Published on Nov 15, 2012

http://cretecarrierjobs.com How To Chain Your Tractor and Trailer Tires is one of the most important Truck Driving Safety Tips to learn. Crete Carrier made this video for it's drivers. Feel free to share it, even if you do not drive for Crete Carrier.

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How are you doing? My name is Bob Parker, I'm a trainer here at Crete Carrier for the past six years. A lot of people come up to me with the question, how do you chain up a truck for the road conditions and that's what I'm going to show you today. You're going to start of by having the essential tools. A good pair of insulated work gloves, a good pair of insulated shoes and clothing. You'll need a 9/16 wrench, and you'll also need a cam fastener wrench. Along with that you might need a safety vest and or have your reflective triangle out. You will also need a pair of safety goggles. It's important that you, fig you've never put chains on, it's important that you take the time to put on chains before the weather becomes severe. Also know that you're going to need, if you're going to be doing this out on the road or if you're going to be doing this in inclimate weather to be doing this in a place where you have good visibility and can be seen. So we're going to start of by loosening this nut. And it does come with a washer and a blot on the other end, so you're going to want to make sure that you keep that. Also remember that it's going to be snowy all over the place so you're going to be dealing with possibly dropping a wrench or a nut or a bolt and that's going to make things more difficult. Right here on thee hooks are where the chains are, and we're going to start by taking of the chains one by one and then we're going to be bringing them over to the appropriate area of the truck where we're going to be laying them. When laying out chains, it's real important to know that each set of chains has an inside and an outside, it has a front and a back. Which, either how you look at it, one side is going to have the hooks, and the other side will have the clasps, and there's a clasp. To get starred, I like to put the side without the clasps, the hooks, towards the tire. And this is because you're going to need to be able to reach and pull these up and it's just a lot easier if the hooks are coming over the side. And hopefully you'll be able to see that with this demonstration. The clasps have to be to the outside of the tire where you can tighten them up. So, you'll have to stretch out the chains and get them laid out on the ground, such as this. Keep in mind the less tangled they are, or the more straight you can kept her chains, the more success you're going to have. If you notice, each side of the chain on one side has the actual hooks. These hooks we're going to actually fasten to the other side of the chain where we're going to hook it to. There are also fastening cams, and these fastening cams will be not he outside of the tire. They're not on the inside. This is going to be so when we tighten up the chains we'll have a point at which to tighten from. A lot of people ask if they have to chain the trailer tires, and the answer is yes. The trailer still has breaks and thats what the purpose would be, not to help it move through the snow but we need it in breaking, it helps against jackknifing. I used to be able to put these tires on in 15 minutes. I don't think I could do so now anymore but expect for your fist time to take about 45 minutes to an hour. One of the little things I use as a cheat tool, I put something right in the center of the chain. That way when my rear tire gets to where that is, I know to stop. And it should be equal on both sides. Basically I start by picking up the one end, we've got the tire on top of the chain, I puck up the one end and I drape it over. Try to make it as ten as possible. So I have the hook side right over here, and the hook side, I'm going to try to make sure that the hook is pointing out. Not towards the tire. So when I fasten it, I'm going to go in and then that's how it will rest up against the tire, the same I'll do on this side. I'm not going to have the hook going in like this, toward the tire, I'm going to move it away, like that. That way the back of the tire is going to help hold that all in. And then we're going to start by using the fastener cams.....Chaining Truck Tires



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