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Published on May 12, 2010

Skill Smith are a collection of players who ran an MVS Club which released various VHS tapes plus some books during the mid/late 90's into the early 00's.
The tapes covered mostly Capcom fighting games from SFIIX, Vampire Hunter, Zero 3, SFIII:NG/2I and 3S but also Tekken.
In the main they're exhibition and combo videos but this title is as the title implies, is a 'destruction' of SFIII: 2nd Impact. It demonstrates mastery of 'Blocking' or the Parry as it's called in the west to glitches, bugs and other curios in the game.
SFIII: 2nd Impact 'DESCTRUCTION' VHS was originally released in the Summer; probably July, of 1999.
Also packaged with this video was the 'Skill Smith MVS Club Information Paper Vol.7' dated 18th July 1999 (maybe the release date of 'Destruction also?) with a catalogue.
You can see the paper here next to the video: http://tinyurl.com/33flgd9
It's been uploaded here as part of a historical and digital preservation effort.
If you have any more information or corrections please get contact via PM.
Skill Smith: http://www31.ocn.ne.jp/~ssmith/


0:00 Parry Exhibition
Full parry of each of the various Super Arts from the cast.

02:41 Let's BLOCKING!
Perfect on all 5 Levels of the Basketball Bonus Stage including the oddity of Yun achieving a Perfect by just tauntung and not parrying a thing.

04:59 Glitches and Oddities
A range of clips displaying weird glitches such as Alex warping backwards when tauntuing from a crouch, instant stuns to the match not ending despite a KO.

07:16 Dudley Rose Taunt
Demonstartes that even a taunt from Dudley which doesn't launch a rose, can still actually hit, by nulifying a rose thrown by the other player.

07:31 Denjin is strong!
Shows that a full denjin fireball can penetrate through an Aegis reflector still achieve full stun.

07:43 Urien throw glitch.
Despite a clothesline from Hugo connecting and doing damage on a standing Urien, Urien can neutral throw him without any recovery!

07:50 Hugo collapse stance reset.
Despite Hugo going through and almost completing his collapse animation from a weak/low attack KO, a projectile taunt afterwards from Sean/Dudley will see him reset back to the beginning of it.

08:11 Super Art beaten!
Demonstrating the Super Art's that can be beaten by a well-timed throw or medium.

08:29 Gill Oddness.
Strange cr.Fierce effects on Urien and the git taunting, but twice in a row?

08:45 Gigas vs Dempsey Roll
Which will win?

08:57 Gill reset loop.
If Gill has full Super Art stock at KO for 'Resurrection', you can keep resetting him back into a standing stance with a low attack in to a loop. Build that meter!

11:56 Full Parry of Gills Super Art
Do no try this at home.

12:31 Wut?
Odd trades and misses between moves.

12:56 Flashy Shin Shoryuken
An epic Gill KO by landing Shin Shoryuken as a follow-up to a well timed Slide-Kick. But full Shin Shoryu' from a juggle?

13:09 Sean and his Ball
Sean using his own ball to Super Cancel.

13:17 Fireing Blanks
Ryu's Super Fireball just won't come out despite his EX Tatsu' no costing meter!

13:29 Screen Scroll Glitch
Despite the Urien taunting getting closer, the screen doesn't move back until he stops.

13:39 Instant Air Fireball Super Art?
I think this is what it's showing?

13:46 Air Reset Air Parry
A full Super Art parry from being air-reset after a Bread 'n Butter Ryu combo.

13:55 Oro is short!
He can dash and duck under a fireball!

14:00 Meter Building 1P style.
No fair! 1P Sean builds meter faster than 2P Sean!

14:09 One, Twice, Three times a Super Art.
Oro lands his normal Super Art 1 the max possible of three times!

14:21 Tech Bonus 2000pts
Skill Smith team manages an entire round with Elena, succesfully parrying every CPU Yang attack and without dealing any damage themselves.

16:14 Credits

17:20 End of tape


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