Truth behind the Black Stone, Muhammad & Kaaba -- First Built by As'ad Abu Karb





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Published on Jun 21, 2008

More Facts at this video clip: Helping 1.6 Billion Muslims to locate the Real Bakka & Paran https://youtu.be/gxT6mMtFra0

A Muslim shares the same thought as mine. Click to see his conspiracy theory: http://www.koranlitranslateandthecons...

Hebrew-English transliteration for OAK is ALLAH as found in Hebrew Text for Joshua 24:26.
Joshua 24:26 Hebrew-English Transliteration (read left to right)
Yehoshua kathab elleh dabar sepher Torah Elohim laqach gadol eben qum sham tachath Allah asher Miqdash YHWH.
Quran 5:47 Sher Ali
And let the people of the Gospel judge according to what Allah has revealed therein, and whoso judges not by what Allah has revealed, these it is who are the transgressors.
Leviticus 26:1 "Ye shall make You NO IDOLS Nor Graven IMAGE, Neither rear you up A STANDING IMAGE, Neither shall ye set up ANY IMAGE OF STONE in your Land, to BOW DOWN unto it: for I AM YAHUWAH your Elohim." RNKJV
Leviticus 26:1 "You shall NOT make IDOLS for yourselves or Erect AN IMAGE or pillar, and you shall NOT set up a figured STONE in your Land to BOW DOWN to it, for I AM the LORD your God." (ESV)
Quran has 7 passages on Iblis and Angels plagiarized from the Hebrew Book of Adam found at http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/art...
Other reference: Quran 18:50 (Yusuf Ali)
The occultism of jinn-devils worship of the Arabians.
All Jinns are allegiance to Satan or Iblis only!
Muslims who pray to Kaaba will be reckoned as evil-doers and will be sent to Hell-fire forever as told in Quran 19:71-72. Quran 76:31 (Pickthal) He maketh whom He Will to enter His mercy, and for evil-doers hath prepared a painful Doom.
IQ Al-Rassooli is an Iraqi exile (and native Arabic reader and speaker) who has spent about 30 years carefully studying the original texts of Islam (especially the Qur'an - a book that most Muslims own but relatively few are even capable of reading, let alone have bothered to do so). Whatever about Islam, it is freely shared in the series of talks uploaded to this blog. http://www.al-rassooli.com/blog/
Author for "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam". You can also visit his various websites which include: www.InTheNameOfAllah.org
and www.al-Rassooli.org
Kaaba first built by Asa'd Abu Karb (410-435AD)
There is no archaeological evidence that suggests that Mecca is an ancient town that existed before the Christian era, or even that it existed before about the 4th century A.D.
Yahuwah (YHWH) means Self-Existent and Eternal. Which Arabic word resembles YHWH?
Muslim can produce the genealogy of Muhammad in the Quran to prove his prophethood. Black Stone is just an idol to Muslims as it is venerated by Muhammad and not by any Hebrew Prophets.
Muhammad has agreed that the true prophethood goes with the bloodline of Isaac and not Ishmael whose birthright was revoked by God. Quran 29:27 (Yusuf Ali) "And We gave ISAAC and JACOB, and ordained among his progeny Prophethood and Revelation ..."
Regarding Mohammad's own rejection of the false genealogies, Amru bin al-As wrote:
'Mohammed genealogized himself regarding his ancestors until he reached al-Nather bin Kinaneh, then he said "anyone who claimed otherwise or added further ancestors, has lied.'"
By virtue of the recital of Muhammad, Abraham and Ishmael did not set foot in Mecca as no warner has been sent before him!
Quran 34:44 (Pickthal) "And We have given them No scriptures which they study, Nor sent We unto them, before thee, Any warner."
Ishmael is not the forefathers of Muhammad as no warner has been sent before him.
Based on the Quran, ALLAH gave both the TORAH and the GOSPEL. If ALLAH cannot preserve the TORAH & GOSPEL, how could ALLAH preserve the Quran???
Quran 3:3 (Pickthal) He (ALLAH) hath revealed unto thee (Muhammad) the Scripture with truth, confirming that which was (revealed) before it, even as He (ALLAH) revealed the Torah and the Gospel.
YHWH Elohim inspired Prophet Yehoshua to write "Allah" in Hebrew to mean OAK eversince around 1390 BCE as written in the Book of Yehoshua Chapter 24 verse 26. This is irrefutable as the Scripture cannot be broken vide John 10:35.
Why Black Stone is venerated at the Ka'aba?
Who is the true identity of the god named Allah?
Why the Islam Trinity: Allah, Jibriel & Muhammad is hidden so deeply from Muslims???
Please spread the truth to all your friends and those you love their souls to be saved from hell-fire.
Muhammad asked Muslims to pray facing Jerusalem City and bu

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