Catching Mew in Pokemon Red and Blue versions





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Published on Jul 26, 2006

It's been a long time coming, but I've decided to try and make some money off this video. I've unlisted it and reuploaded it with different music! I'm very proud of being the creator of this very old video with over FIVE MILLIONS VIEWS so I can't bring myself to delete it. Thanks to everyone who viewed this over the years! :)


This is an instructional video of how to catch Mew, the 151st Pokemon in the original Red and Blue versions, without the use of a cheating device, and on your first trip to Cerulean City.

Answers to common questions:

1. The trainer with the Slowpoke needs to walk up to you as shown in the video. You cannot walk just one block in front of him, or else your game will freeze.

2. This was done on a Pokemon Blue ROM. The reason for all the color is because the emulator I used to play it was a Super GameBoy emulator and the emulator uses colors which are not the same when you play the game with an actual GameBoy Color.

3. Yes, this also works on Pokemon Yellow.

4. No, this does not work in Fire Red and Leaf Green. This was a glitch which was not intended to be left in the game (just like Missingno) and was taken out in the much cleaner and glitch-free Fire Red and Leaf Green.

5. An easier way to catch Abra is to catch a Caterpie in Viridian Forest and level it up to a Butterfree until it learns Sleep Powder (level 15 in yellow, level 17 in red and blue) and when it's faster than an Abra.

6. The music is called # for Arnhem Land (Long Edit) by Aalborg World Soundtracks, not Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones. I had to change the music but I actually like the new track better.


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