George Washington, oath of office





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Published on Jun 2, 2010

A clip from the HBO miniseries.

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"I am at your service" how a president should think and act.
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Joseph Smith
Gave me chills :O wow
ChungLing Su
Tex is a faglord
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As a Brit this gives me chills because these people are apart of my heritage i am pro magna-carta and anti-monarchy I am proud to say the spirit of 1776 is in my blood
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As is in mine and my family. It will never die.
Kevin Sipos
+Kori Jenkins The US isn't a perfect democracy.
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David Schlessinger
Imagine going back in time and standing there, witnesses the birth of the U.S.
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Joseph Smith
I was thinking the same thing and yes ohhhh yes I would. When we did no wrong.
Scott Lanter
I, for one, would rather you go back to just about any other era, too, Kbholla.
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They truly picked the perfect guy to portray Washington.
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SubVet 8286
yes he spoke softly, but carried a big.....
Funny, for I can hardly imagine anyone being in a position of command having a soft voice. Somehow it does not go together. But what do I know?
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It is chilling to see such a monumental man like Washington take the oath of office. Something that is very rarely seen in modern media.
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Kevin Zhang
one man fucks up, another convinces he can fix it, he does or doesnt but can bring a lot of good and a lot of bad. the next president has to convince people he can fix it, and has to live up to the good the previous did and fix up his fuckups. sometimes the fuckups are all people care about, and the unresolved crap keep building up because too many of these people lack in certain areas. Sometimes a lot of good gets done and a lot less crap gets done, but unfortunately not the case in recent times :/
+Jack R Let's be honest, who can be compared to Washington?
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The actor for Washington is spot on. The way he holds his mouth/jaws just like him is impressive. Poor George had awful mouth/tooth problems.
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David Morse has always been one of my favorites.
Travis Johnson
+Zuber Commodore He was about 6'2" or 6'3". Compared to the height of the average man back then (5'8") he was a giant
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They were a desperately poor frontier backwater with no international power, very little money and even their independence was dubious internationally, trying a new system people were sure would fail. None of them guessed what this nation could come to.
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"5. We are only trillions of dollars in debt because of bad leadership and bad decisions. Our current president is already doing a great job of eliminating and preventing said debt." By wasting tax payer money on his vacations to his resorts every weekend and by advocating for a huge increase in military spending. You're not too bright.
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Cateri Anjelik
The BEST President of the USA. 
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The BEST. I used to think Lincoln was: but Lincoln modeled himself after Washington. Washington had NO ONE to model himself after and yet he gave up power, not once but TWICE: the first was after he won the war against the most powerful nation in the world at that time. It was unheard of to win a war and then cede that very power only to live as a regular citizen. Even his wartime enemy, King George called him the greatest character of the age for doing that. He was never elected; he returned to his farm AFTER the war, and then was called by congress and voted in unanimously to once again serve his country and he did so. He then was asked to go a third term and did NOT. We have never had a man of such impeccable character, strength, restraint and love for his country as we did in Washington. Without him we would have never been a country at all.
fooly cooly
yeah george and abe, apart from them we havent had many truly good men run in office. weve had presidents who did good things, but werent good people in their personal lives.
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jack johnson
Actor David Morse was perfect as George Washington.
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Everett Elliot
+ninjast4r So your idea of writing an accurate story, warts and all, is to include motives which you have attributed to his actions without any evidence, your opinion on his handling of the war despite your lack of perspective, and of course your unsubstantiated insight into his character. Sounds like you tried really hard to use critical thinking but got lost in your own imagination.
Jacob Sabin
did you read the book by David McCullough? if not, I encourage you to do so. it is a fascinating book about a fascinating individual. you can look at George Washington and say the military life and what not is slightly more "exciting" (there are some great books on George Washington as well so it is not like he is forgotten), but Adams played a very crucial role in helping America claim independence and the birth of this nation. Sadly, Adams contributions are not always remembered and it is a damn shame. that is why it is great David wrote the book and they even turned it into a miniseries. don't get me wrong, I am all for a Washington miniseries, but the fact you don't think John Adams was interesting enough or special enough, shows you truly don't know his life and how important he was to this nation (Adams might not have been military, but he had an exciting life of his own). Adams may not have been poor but he was not necessarily born fabulously wealthy either. he struggled somewhat establishing his practice. he wanted to prove himself his entire life but often found himself falling somewhat short compared to guys like Washington and Jefferson (though again in reality, was still indeed such a crucial figure in history). I am not taking anything away from Washington, but Adams . Like I said, if you haven't read the book yet, I really encourage you to do so. McCullough is one of my favorite historians and I think you will appreciate (at least more) the truly great man Adams was and his contribution to American history
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Charles  lee Ray
And now I'm truly embarrassed at where we are
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I am embarrassed at you
Insert Redletter Media Meme Here
jmitterii2 I lived in china for a year in 2007, to be fair the US is turning into what I saw in China a decade ago, people working for meager wages while the few prosper due to corruption in government and the rich owning all. And yes, an oligarchy and monarchy are nearly the same thing, the main difference being that those in power don't come from a royal bloodline, but still come from wealth. America has always been a fairly unequal country and really the only time in history where one could have an easy go at it with little education was from about 1945-1984, until Reagan came into power and destroyed the unions at the behest of his corporate puppet masters. It's been all down hill since then.
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