10 Things You May Not Know About Bruce Lee





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Published on Oct 14, 2011

Who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee? Find out here, along with 9 other things you might not know about the legendary martial artist.

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  If Bruce Lee is still alive I will bet MY LIFE that he can beat any of today MMA fighter, boxer, Mike Tyson, PAcman, Floyd, etc...
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Oh adams
Im sorry to disappoint Americans as they feel Chuck Norris the American Equivalent to Bruce lee. But Chuck Norris is an ordinary man with no no extraordinary skills. His fighting skills were also average at best. So bruce lee would have beaten him in a fight. No doubt here. 
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MrIn Urhead
Imagine if Bruce Lee was still alive today he probably will be the first man to fly without the use of anything but his mind and body
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instead of freddy krueger why not bruce lee in mk11 or in the next mk game
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If there was one person who left this world too soon, it was Bruce Lee. Rest in Peace, Dragon King!
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most of those are fairly common knowledge to bruce fans. What about that Kareem abdul jabbar and james coburn were his students? What about that he was in a variety of small hong kong films a a child? What about the fact he was born in San Francisco? What about how he penned the idea of the show Kung fu intending to star in it and the studio gave it to david carridine? What about the spooky connection with the scripting in game of death (completed/scripted posthumos) and how Brandon died in similar circumstances?
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lol I am pretty sure everyone knew that Bruce Lee would beat Chuck Norris in a fight IRL. Bruce Lee would've beaten anyone in a fight...
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funny cauz a lot of other people can beat chuck norris like jet li and jackie 
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Veracious one
Important facts you guys missed: Bruce lee's dad firmly believed the devil would come to take his son's life, because Bruce's younger brother died in childbirth so Bruce's dad named him Saifong a girls name and dressed him up in dresses like a girl to fool the " devil ". Many believe the men of their family were cursed, every single male in the Lee family either died or was murdered in mysterious circumstances one example was Bruce's son Brandon, shot on set of The crow. Bruce's great grand father was a business tycoon and was apparently linked to Chinese secret societies. Jackie chan was an extra who was hit by Bruce on the set of Enter the dragon. Bruce ate some incredibly weird supplements for the time period he lived in, such as bee pollen and shilajit (rock dirt) he knew about them 20 years before traditional science proved their benefits. Most people don't know he fought in many competitions to prove his style of Jeet kune do was far superior to traditional styles.
10.He wore elevator shoes. 9.He slept hanging by his feet like a Bat. 8.He could disarm a man with a machine gun using a pair of chop sticks 7.He was a big fan of Liberace. 6.He never cut his toe nails for 27 years 5.He was raised as a Dolphin 4.He was a close personal friend of Pat Boone 3.He was secretly married to a Mountain Goat named Gordie. 2.He loved fried Banana and Peanut Butter sandwiches (wait a minute that was Elvis) 1(which can only mean..).He and Elvis were really the SAME PERSON
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