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Published on Dec 30, 2008

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another one of the great Monty Oums video, this one is a cross series between Metriod and Halo.

remember, watch in HD please!!!! it looks a lot better trust me Spoiler Aleart!!!
im puting up some questions and answers from monty Oums site.

Internet: Why does it seem like Master Chief is getting completely PWNED by not only Samus with the suit, but Samus without the suit. That's totally not fair.
Me: Well I think the battle between them both armored is pretty well balanced. As for Zero Samus knocking Master Chick (Master Chief) around without even needing her suit, it's not really explained anywhere, but MC technically wasn't fighting back because she was in love... mwahahahahahahahah

Internet: Master Chief should've won you suck!!!
Me: You obviously don't get the point of this movie

Internet: Samus should've won you suck!!!
Me: You obviously don't get the point of this movie

Internet: OMG you ROXORZ!!!! Can you make (insert character here) VS (insert character here)?
Me: I would love to get as much done as possible. These days I can't really tell what my schedule is like other than that I can be sure to be busy. On top of another videogame fight that I have planned. I would also like to continue my own original story too. It's hard to tell cause the movie I made before this one took me 8 months, whereas this one took me 2. I'll hope for the next ones to be just as quick if not quicker, but as of now I have about 17 different movies planned only in my mind.

Internet: WHYYYYYY did you make Master chief a girl!?!?!? Master chiefs not a girl?!?!?! WHAT TEH HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU FAG?!?!?!
Me: In the Halo story according to the books there were actually 32 Spartan soldiers, including women. If you look closely you can actually see the number 458 on the "Master Chick's" suit. 458 being the number of the Spartan that made a Cameo in the Dead or Alive series. Not much thinking went into it further than that though. Plus hot lesbians are awesome.

Internet: How can master chick/chief have that spark even though she was actually a girl?
Me: Think about it.... (Photo saying Lubrication Is A 2 Way Road)

Internet: What the hell is with the ending sequence?!?! Why such gay music?!
Me: Yes I like KPop (Korean Pop Music A.K.A. GayPop) And I love dancing. Part of my talent is my sense of Rhythm, as well as my mondo DDR Skills. Though since I did the scene last as an extended scene, with as tired as I was by the end of this project. I again assed this one out as well. Cause it certainly couldve been better.

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