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Opublikowany 30 sie 2007


Muay Thai Chaiya Bann Kru Preang


Distinctive Muay Thai Chaiya

Tactics Of Fighting With

The More Than A Century Missing Knotted Fists

Master Preang is an instructor of Muay Thai Boran of the Chaiya style with over 30 years of experience teaching martial arts in Thailand. Master Preang has participated in many international events, including being invited to a specialist instructor in the art of Muay Thai, empty hands self defense, grappling, and Thai knife fighting to Thai special police force (the Thai equivalent of a SWAT unit).

On this special occasion, Siamyuth company limited has been authorized by Master Preang to produce a video documentary titled "Mai Muay Thai Chaiya, from Master Preang," for the purpose of disseminating the art of Muay Thai Boran. The video documentary covers the fundamental Muay Chaiya techniques, which includes both basic and advanced techniques.

This video documentary has been made especially for martial arts students who are interested in Muay Thai. It is ideal for viewers who are seeking to gain insights into and knowledge on the Muay Thai techniques. Purchasing details for "Mai Muay Thai Chaiya" are as follows:


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