Thiru Neela Kantam - Remove Karma ~ Dattatreya Siva Baba




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Published on Feb 7, 2009

The chant used with this ritual is "Thiru Neela Kantam"

This particular video is a Ritual that is using 27 Limes and a Sesame Lamp. Nandi and a Siva Lingam, along with a statue of Dattatreya and a photo of my Guru, Dattatreya Siva Baba -- are all present in the video.

Done on February 7th - Sani Pradosham Day. Sani Pradosham is a Prodosham day that lands on a Saturday. It is most powerful for removing karma. It is auspicious and a great day to take advantage of the window of time that allows you to erase your karma.

This ritual was given to me by my Guru, Dattatreya Siva Baba. The ritual is to remove or diffuse your karma so that doorways can open in your life. You must get rid of your old karma in order to create and manifest.

If you would like, you can do this ritual along with the YouTube. There are 27 limes in this bowl. I did the ritual while making this video. The powerful numbers for doing this ritual / chant are 9, 27, 54 and 108. If you like, you can replay this video 4 times to get 108 chants completed.

I used a sesame oil lamp -- because it is Saturday and that means that this day, in Vedic astrology, belongs to Saturn -- Saturn rules this day -- and offering a Sesame lamp is a way to appease Saturn. You could also use a ghee lamp or a regular candle.

Here is how you would do the ritual. You will use lemons, limes or coconuts. With the lemons and limes, you roll them, (one by one) on different parts of your body -- these are body parts that tend to store karma. Roll them around the top part of your head COUNTER CLOCKWISE. You can also roll them on the 3rd eye, the eyes, the throat (a big area for storing karma), the shoulders, the heart, the stomach and the knees. You do not have to roll each lime/lemon/coconut on ALL of these areas each time - just feel which area might be appropriate for you and roll there. Try them all.

Once you have rolled the lemons or limes while chanting this chant - you will take them and cut them in half and then throw them in the trash. Try not to get too much of the juice on your hands and make sure you wash your hands and the knife used to cut them thoroughly.

If you decide to use coconuts, you will roll on the same areas (the entire coconut) and then rather than cut them in two, you will smash them outside on a rock or hard surface. Make sure if you get the juice on you to wash it off. To make it slightly less messy, you can put the coconuts inside a strong plastic bag and then hit the bag against a rock or hard surface -- that way the coconut will smash itself inside the bag and you can just throw the bag away.

You will be chanting while you are rolling the lemon, lime or coconut on your body. The chant used in this YouTube is "Thiru Neela Kantum". It is an ancient chant used by Siddha masters. It was passed on to me by my Guru. You can also imagine a dark blue light (cobalt blue) at the throat. Allow that dark blue light to permeate your throat while you do this ritual.

I hope you will use this YouTube to diffuse and erase your karma. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.




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