Star Fox Assault Playthrough (Gold Difficulty) Part 1





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Published on Feb 16, 2009


The first half of this level was very easy, the second half was easy until the very end, when I screwed up because I didn't shoot all of the pink-laser-firing robots. Thus, I was left to fight the bosses with very little health. I managed to take down Oikonney, and I depleted a lot of the Aparoid's health, until the Aparoid's lava laser attack took me down. That fight is edited out for you, and as the Oikonney fight ends, the Aparoid fight after I died begins.

Primary Mission:
Simply fly through the level and defeat the bosses.

Andrew Oikonney
Flying Aparoid

Level Strategy for Badge:
Simply shoot everything in sight! Because it's an all-Arwing level, you do not earn a combo for more enemies you shoot down. You do, however, get 10 extra points for every group of enemies shot down. Shoot down as much groups as you can, and take out the large motherships too with two charge shots each, to their weak points. After the third mothership, destroy 90 percent of the huge enemy swarm with a bomb. Shoot the rest down with your twin lasers. Destroy the mech-ish thing with fast charge shots, and be sure to shoot down the group of four enemies that appear afterwards. Take Slippy's health ring too! Take out the Stealth Squadron with charge shots as well, you don't want to waste your bombs here. Also destroy the missile-firing enemies (the very last group that appears before you head towards the planet) before they start firing. The missiles can do serious damage.

On the planet, take out the few easy enemies before Falco cries for help. Save him to get another Group bonus, then while in the forest, be sure to grab the Hyper Laser powerup. Shoot down the two enemy groups that fly in front of you as you enter the canyon, and destroy the missile turrets too, as they can seriously damage your ship. As you cross the train tracks, destroy more missile turrets, and use Falco's bomb to take out a large group of enemies on the road below. As the doors open to the base, use a charge shot on the first group of five enemies, then go nuts with your lasers throughout the rest of the level, until the very end. Be careful, and time your barrel rolls right to get through the final wave of robot enemies. Shoot as many of them as you can, but don't forget to barrel roll as you see lasers coming towards you.

Boss Strategy:
Oikonney is very simple. If you've played Star Fox 64, he's basically a clone of Andross. Shoot at the weak point nodes on his hands (while they're exposed) to defeat him. Be careful of his fast attacks though, don't be shooting for too long.
Difficulty: *

The Aparoid is another story. You must first shoot the Aparoid's wings in their circular weak spots (they also shoot pink-ish lasers, so watch out for those), then as it throws rocks at you for the next attack, shoot the node in its mouth. After the rock attack, it will shoot homing missiles at you. Use charge shots aimed at the node to hurt him, and to take out the missiles. Eventually, it will use the lava laser attack. Don't use the default "Fly around the screen in circles" maneuver, as the lava tends to stay suspended in mid air for a while. I recommend flying back and forth on the bottom of the screen, trying to shoot at the node when you can. If you don't kill it here, it goes back to the missile tactic, so just kill it there.
Difficulty: **

I skip all cutscenes for several reasons. Mostly because I wanted to shorten the video as much as I could, but also because so that you don't have to watch them in crappy quality.

About the game itself, I don't think it sucks as much as most people say. The on foot missions aren't impossible or anything, and actually play rather well, despite the somewhat clunky controls. The arwing missions are really fun too. I recommend giving this game a try if you like Star Fox.

Star Fox and all of the characters 'n whatnot belong to Nintendo, k?
Now look guys, I know the quality is abysmal and I know you can see me in the screen. lol I'm a dork, I know, and I KNOW I don't have a life, so please don't re-mention these facts in the comments section. If I could, I would record with a decent device, but I can't, all I have is my digital camera. For those who want a Star Fox Assault playthrough by me, enjoy!


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