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Published on Aug 13, 2011

Selena's POV

I'm done. I should have waited longer before coming here. Two weeks wasn't even close to enough time. I know Demi is right about being depressed, but I can't see a therapist. I have my reasons against them. So for now, I am heading back to my aunt's house. Not for long, but just enough for me to get back on my feet. I'm not sure if I'm even going to tell anyone I'm leaving. Miley wouldn't even listen, Demi would talk me out of it, and who knows what Logan would do.

I was walking with my car keys ripped tightly in my hand. The faster I leave the faster I can feel better. Maybe when I get back Demi will just drop it. That's all I ask for. I clicked the remote signaling for it to unlock. I'm not sure if I should even be driving, but I'm going to try. I've been terrified to drive a car ever since it happened. I'm fine if I'm just sitting in one, but driving not so much.

I was about to open my door when I heard my name being shouted. Can't people just leave me alone? Let me be miserable.

"Selena, where are you going?" It was Logan. He was practically jogging just to get over to me.

"Home," I then realized it wasn't really my home, but just a place to go, "Well the closest thing I have to a home."

He grabbed my keys right out of my hand. I tried grabbing for them, but he held them father away from me. If this was his way of going everywhere I go, I'm not letting him.

"You can't just leave." He tried talking some sense into me, but yet I still ignored his words.

"I'm not! I just need to get away and I wish you would let me."

That's when he started walking away from me with my keys. What is his problem? The one time I don't have a spare on me is the one time I need it. I tried yelling his name, but he kept walking. And he calls me stubborn?

"Logan give me my keys!"

He stopped walking and turned back to me clearly a little mad, "Give me one reason why! All you're going to do is run away from your problems. Why can't you let us help you?"

"I don't need, or want help! Why do you even care?" I practically screamed a little mad too.

"Because I just do." He said walking back over to me.

"That's not an answer."

He was so close I had to look up at him a little now,
"Because...I don't.... want to see you in pain."

"That's why I'm leaving." I snatched my keys from his hand when he wasn't expecting it.

He didn't even try to grab them. I turned around walking to my car. At least he was giving up now and letting me go. I was about to open my door when he reached over me to slammed it shut. The next thing I know he turned me around, pressing my back against my car. I was so confused at what was going on that I didn't even react when his mouth pressed firmly against mine, leaving me absolutely speechless.

Boom! I bet some of you are thinking about time Logan! Haha.


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