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His whole life changed with All-on-4 dental implants!





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Published on Aug 31, 2019

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I have here with me a Hollywood star. You look fantastic!

Thank you so much!

It’s a privilege! This is one of my most beautiful surgeries and layouts. My before and after with your mouth.

Thank you.

My god!

That’s wonderful.

You look so different.

It’s wonderful to say that.

It was nine days ago…


That you showed up.


And what was the story before you came in?

I had all bridges done which were three piece bridge on the top, three piece bridge on the bottom, and teeth underneath over time, over back ten years, they deteriorate, you know?

I know, it was a complex case. When you showed up it was like: wow!

It was really bad.

Had overbite. Had overjet(???). And it was like a complex thing, because it was more on cosmetics. When you were smiling, you were showing lots of teeth. It was not harmonic.


You started to search, and why are you here? What brought you here?

I am gonna be perfectly honest with you. The money was a very big fact.

I know.

I don’t think it was fair... just figuring out from common sense anybody’s point of view, how much is somebody wanna get paid for one day? You know, the dentist wanna get paid ten or fifteen thousand dollars for a day. Just for one day! For the work, and they wanna rush everything, and the thing that really disturbed me was that they want to put the teeth in your mouth in one day.

It’s complex, because you need to know about surgery, but also about prosthetics. When you put the implants you need to think about how is gonna be the layout.

You are right.

That’s why when doctors don't do both things, that’s complex.

You’re right.

Because they can’t communicate that way. But then, you decided to come here to Cancun. Were you scared about coming here to Cancun?

Well, I wasn't scared but I was a little disappointed that I had to come by myself, you know?


I couldn't get anybody to come with me, so... But I am here to say that if you can’t get somebody to come with you, come yourself. Cause’ it’s not bad at all.

It's not that bad.

And give yourself a hug, for doing it for yourself.

Exactly! It’s a gift. When you decide to do this is a gift from you to you.

You’re right.

That’s what I tell all my patients. Because probably you have been struggling, yeah money wise is something. Because back home they were telling you a big price.

Yes. And the cheapest that I could find was 47 thousand.

Yeah, back home.

And they were dropping the quality of the teeth, they said that if they gave me a better quality of teeth it was 51 thousand. And I couldn’t financing, I had to pay up front right away.
Good, well that’s important cause’ you paid a third of that quote that they gave you.

And we placed the All-On-4 on uppers, All-On-4 on lowers. And that was the main thing. He was saying: Wow! My teeth! How are they gonna look?

Wait! We started to do the waxing, teeth over wax, we picked the teeth, we did the adjustments.

And I want to point out that we did wait some time, we didn’t rush putting them in, because my gums didn’t… they heal good, but…

Yeah, you are a relaxing healer

We waited a few more extra days, you know?

Well, they were having problems with all the big decay that you used to have…


But removing all that, I can mostly heard that the gums were telling me “thank you”.


Why did you choose that beautiful color?

Oh! Me personally, the reason why I chose… because there is no such thing as too white. People would say “Your teeth are too white”, that’s because they can’t have teeth that are too white. That’s the only reason they say that to you. So...

I love it! He said it the perfect way. That’s the thing.

They are jealous. That’s it!

They are jealous.

Now prepare yourself as I tell all my patients, prepare yourself to have beautiful compliments.


Because, probably before they tell you about your hair, your shoes, your suit, whatever… they remember your smile!


Right now, that’s gonna be the lethal weapon.

Yes, yes, yes.

Another thing that really drew me here was that if someone is doing this everyday…


Every week.


Week after week. Patient after patient.


The experience is priceless.


It’s priceless.Your knowledge and experience is priceless.

Thank you my friend. I do it with love. And thank you for trusting.

Yes. Yes. Thank you.

Now you are part of the family my friend.


Yes! I love it! And thanks everyone for watching and for sharing. And here we are in sunny Cancun. Just a couple of hours from…

Who would have known that I would be sitting here? Couple months ago.

Thank you! Thanks everyone and here we are. Thank you Vincent! Bye!


#GermanArzate #dentures #allon4 #dentalimplants


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