Boy, 5, records teacher berating him in class





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Published on May 28, 2008

5-year-old Gabriel Ross took a hidden tape recorder to school, on behalf of his parents, after months of explaining to them that his teacher, S. Ellen Jones Elementary teacher Kristen Woodward, was mean to him. What they caught was Mrs. Jones verbally berating the 5-year-old in front of his class.

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Mag Nificent
That was over the top, but his parents may need to accept that their little 'angel' has some issues that need to be addressed.
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Howard Finkelstein
I do not care how bad the kid is what kind of teacher talks that way. Oh wait I forgot its a teacher and a teacher teaches because they can't do! If I was the kids father I would make the teacher feel like she made my son feel. I hate assholes and that teacher is a asshole
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I had a elementary teacher torture me like this for 2 years, I just want to find her and break her fucking skull.
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Dhabia Hosani
Omg same but I was young so I didn't talk about it a lot but I was crying myself asleep
Matt The Cat
MinuteMan23 - I recently looked up on my computer, the nastiest teacher I had in Elementary school. The bitch has a one- of- a- kind name & was on the internet. She used to foam at the mouth as she screamed & threw chalk board brushes at her students. On a field trip her husband was invited on, she was sweet as pie. Next day the cunt was back. I am SO tempted to e-mail my opinion of her to her computer. She lives in the town next to me.
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Jake Martinez
That teacher is really immature...
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Remind me again.... Which one was 5 years old, the little boy or the teacher? Asking his classmates if they'd want to be friends with this boy isn't teaching, it's bullying.
Matt The Cat
tastyplants - A blanket expression like yours shows your ignorance.
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Caleb Hehl
I feel bad for the kid. And BEFORE you start hatting on my comment I HAVE HDHD it is hard to have and concentrate so I had to ask a lot of questions. Its not the kids falt
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F Jolliff
How could they defend that teacher after hearing that recording? You don't talk to a 5 year old like that. Period. And bringing the rest of the class into it? That teacher needs to be fired and have their 'license' or 'certificate' or whatever revoked. She doesn't deserve to be around innocent children. My brother talks nonstop too, he has adhd. Maybe that boy has something like that too? Only a professional can figure that out, not a rude, cruel teacher like her.
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+F Jolliff While it's true she shouldn't have spoken to him like that, there are two sides to every story. Who is to say the parents didn't edit the tape, or that the teacher didn't have a Parent Teacher conference? The teacher should have had him transferred to another class if he was that much of a problem. After all she has had 13 years of teaching experience with no problems at all.
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this entire video just pissed me off. The teacher shouldve been fired on the spot,and the parents need to learn how to discipline their child. Even though the teacher was a HUGE asshole,the kid should've gotten at least a small bit of punishment.
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My parents treated me like that and it turned out to help me stop being a weak ass bitch and that helped me join the Russian spentaz just saying I ink showing no mercy helps
agreed teachers shouldn't say stuff like this
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When I was in elementary school I was treated the same way by a teacher. She actually berated me in front of all the students and guess what my parent agree with the teacher. As I grew older I realized that she was one of the best teachers that I had because she didn't encourage bad behaviors unlike some other teachers I had before who could careless about their students and just allow them to be loud and disruptive. The teacher that berated me in elementary school actually tried her best and even used her own money to buy the students school supplies. She actually tried to be a good teacher even when she had a temper. I agree I was an annoying little brat in elementary school but as I reached middle school I was actually one of the more well behaved students due to the harsh life lessons I faced from my tough teachers and parents. Now I feel sad for kids now a days. They are spoiled and have parents and strangers encourage their bad behaviors. So far this kid's parent already knew about his bad behavior and actually received several notes from the teacher. Obvious the parents just ignore them and prefer to blame the teacher. I wouldn't be surprise they decided to record this hoping for some compensation. These kind of things happens all the time where parents rather sue the school because the teacher don't want to give their kid a pass.
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truth be getting told
School instruction was bullshit when I was growing. this system is built to de-socialize us. Talking non-stop in class. Maybe about interests, ideas, funny entertaining things. I doubt all those kids agreed with the teacher just like that. Listen to Americas youth today in unison giving authority the pleasing answer they want to hear about someone the authority figure doesn't like. "Is that someone you want to be with?"..."Noooo"... The teacher described a terrible person that this kid is just not. A kid is just a kid, kindergarten. What the hell are teachers being taught about how to bend and mold children minds into blind compliance without questioning the rules or laws. Literally if you even follow the rules in school and ask why these rules that don't make sense are there they tell you don't question it in a stern voice. Then other children who have been molded into this compliant being that has been fed what they are supposed to think, positively reinforcing the teachers and rule enforcers. Just like with cops and people. If we speak out against them we are referred to as that minority population of "anti-government" people. We want better government, logical government. A government that will enforce limitations of power and authority where they are not needed. When a child or adult questions a rule or law, you should not tell them "rules are rules, we don't make them we follow them" or to blatantly tell them don't question it, follow the rule, don't step out of line or else. When someone questions a rule or law to someone in authority positions, that authority should question the use, the logic, and the harm of that law themselves.
Doesn't mean you have to be an ass. You wont like it when your lover leaves you. Obviously you lack a heart.
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How can you assholes blame the CHILD here?? It is NEVER ok to speak to a child that way. It causes psychological damage that changes them into something worse than they were or might have been. And this child might have undiscovered ADHD or Autism, you don't know. This is terrible, and the school district should be ashamed giving her basically a paid vacation for mentally abusing a small child!
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john smith
what aload of shit she didn't do shit I got a lot worse then this when I was a kid
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Mande Peer
Nah, he never got fed and had to tap dance for his momma's cigarette money.
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man that bitch teacher better be taguht a lesson , notjob for her , stupid cracy disrespectful women, how dare she
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Sasuke Uchiha
Aww all you ignorant people feeling so sorry for that " Little Angel. " Kid probably deserved it. All my favorite teachers growing up were the ones that disciplined students. Personally I feel like it's the parents fault for allowing their child to be so bad during class. Back in my days if I was getting reports like that heck if I got a 1 strike my parents would beat my tail. Now adays if you discipline your child with a whooping you will be called a child abuser. Ridicoulous. The Bible says if you love your child discipline them and that is exactly what we should do. No now adays you give kids a stern talking too. And then you also teach them sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Well does that not make your punishment counterintuitve. Ridicoulous. Someone should have beat that child.
+Kaiser Vadin idgaf
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