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Published on Dec 14, 2009

I want one.
New Vid up on the 17th!
Project for Awesome info: http://www.projectforawesome.com
Hope you guys are well and enjoying your weeks.

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My friend had the nickname Dragonhunter, because one night he ran around half naked in a friends house totally drunk, pretending to hunt dragons. The name actually got voted as best nickname in our yearbook :D
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James Clifford
on a communitychannel spiral. have said 'last one' four time now.
Amanda Lu
My friends call me Salad
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Some of my friends call me 'Raw' which i suppose could be kind of a bamf-y nickname. My name's Gina, which turned into just G, which turned into G-star, which became G-Star Raw (which is actually a clothing brand i really should find better friends), which became just Raw. So now i get called 'Raw' on the street and people either think I'm a hardcore gang member or a hardcore vegan.
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My friends in Canada don't have any nicknames for me. In Brazil they call me Lilice (pronounced "Lee-lee-see") or Lice ("Lee-see"). It's a shortening of "Alice". My godfather calls me Aliche (Ah-lee-che") - the portuguese word for "anchovies" 'cause it's similar to "Alice". I had a friend in Jr. High we used to call Joe; her name was Laena. I can't remember for the life of me where "Joe" came from. :P
El White
People call me lizzard with 2 z's. When I was little I didn't like to brush my teeth, so my breath always stunk. My name is Elizabeth. Elizabeth rhymes with Lizard breath, so my dad used to call me that(I also liked lizards). My sisters thought it was funny so they started saying it too,but I didn't like them saying it so they shortened it to lizard. I started to like the nickname lizard but I thought lizard was spelled with 2 Z's. I started writing my name as Lizzard on things. One day I was at a family christmas party, and i wrote Lizzard on my cup; my mom said to me "Honey, you know, Lizard only has one Z." And I responded " Yeah. I just like my name spelled with 2!" To this day I spell it with 2 Z's, and now everyone calls me Lizzard.
5 years later she makes a video about reading instruction manuals...
William D. H. Broadley
My nickname is Nel, because one time in camp this girl named Shea didn't know what my name was so she labeled my name as Nelly and my friends thought it was funny, but I made them call me Nel instead of Nelly. :P
I used to be called Marshmallows because that's what my shampoo smells like. I know right, pretty hardcore.
Jermaine Alcantara
Some of my friends call me gramma because one day at school I started talking in a weird voice that sounded like an elderly person so ya.
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