LA Baby; //Jemi// Ep.20





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Uploaded on Jan 21, 2011


When he dropped to the floor dead, i slid my back down against the wall with my hands covering my mouth. I shut my eyes as I felt tears fall down my cheek. I could feel someone walk towards me, breathing heavily. I knew who it was, I knew his breathing like the back of my hand. But I was afraid to look up. I sat there sobbing to myself but trying to make them quiet as I could.
'demi' he let a soft whisper out, he knew I was scared and shaky. I felt his warm soft hands touch my face bringing my hand down from my cheek. I looked up and saw him.
'Joe?' I managed to cough out.
'yeah dems, its me.' He took me in his arms and pulled me so tight. I laid my head on his chest as the last tear fell. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder completely, now that I knew that he was dead. Forever.
'Im sorry' I said as I dug my head into him.
'what? Babe, you don't have to be sorry for everything. You don't have to explain anything , everything is okay now. Im here and I always be'
I looked up to him, and he looked down. He wiped the tear that made its way down my cheek and rested his hand. He lightly kissed lips and pulled away.
He turned his head towards the dead body lying on my floor.
'he's gone forever now babe, its all over'
He wrapped his arms around me , getting a grip on me. He lifted me in his arms. 'lets get you home to mine, your spending the night with me'
I didn't argue and let him pick me up.
He brought me to his front door, still carrying me. I reached into his back pocket of his jeans and got out his keys and opened the door, he kicked it open and carried me up to his room, bridal style. I couldn't help but giggle to myself.

He let me down when we got to his bed, and leaned down to me , he looked me in the eyes and I smiled.
'theres the beautiful smile' he whispered.
Another tear fell down my face , and I thought of selena.
I sat up , 'Joe, call the police'
'that's what I was gonna do, im going to get nick and we're gonna go back over, but I want you to stay here'
'what? No, I want to be with selena.'
He sighed and looked down as he grabbed my hands.
'please stay here until the police come. Go down stairs and big rob will make you hot chocolate, I will come back for you. Im sure the police will want to ask you some questions'
'okay' I said getting off the bed.
He pulled me in and laid his hands on my waist.
'don't worry, whatever happened is over' he kissed me once last time before we made our way down stairs. He told me to go down and he was going to go find nick.
I walked to the top of the stairs and walked down, big rob was walking past and noticed me.
'hey Demi , I didn't know you were here'
'I just came' I pulled a fake smile but he noticed my dried up running mascara and fake smile. Im no good at hiding things to people who know me.
'hold up there baby girl, whats going on, what happened to you?' he ran over to me and pulled me in for a hug stroking my hair. I tried to hold in tears.
He grabbed my hand and sat me down on the fancy modern white sofa facing the huge flat screen tv.
'I think a little hot chocolate calls for right now, huh?'
I giggled, big rob was the mother of the house for sure. A little hot chocolate can fixed everything.
He handed me the fluffy white blanket that was hanging on the back of the couch. 'cuddle up baby, we have some talking to do' he said as he left for the kitchen to make our hot chocolate.
I lay back on the couch wiping a tear.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

hey guys, i'm SO sorry for leaving it this late. My last upload was like October. I honestly am NEVER on my laptop. But I am trying by best just to write and then upload. I have tons of ideas and I really hope you will stay subbedd.. i don't wanna loose you guys :))

- Caoimhe (:


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