Violent anti-Islam film protests spread around the world





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Published on Sep 14, 2012

Fury about Innocence of Muslims, a film insulting the Prophet Mohammad, has swept across the world, with protesters attacking US embassies and burning American flags. Report by Andrea Lilly. Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/itn and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/itn . Subscribe to ITN News! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...


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  1. 6138

    Violent protests continue in Kabul over anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims

  2. 6139

    Woman beaten on the head by police officer in Russian activist video

  3. 6140

    Hard-hitting advert shows importance of first aid

  4. 6141

    Prince William loses penalty shoot-out

  5. 6142

    Soyuz spacecraft undocks from International Space Station and lands on Earth in Kazakhstan

  6. 6143

    Indonesia's Mount Gamalama volcano erupts showering nearby Ternate with ash

  7. 6144

    Britain's hairiest men strut their stuff at the UK Beard and Moustache Championships in Brighton

  8. 6145

    Daredevils take part in Chinese international Base jumping festival

  9. 6146

    International Space Station: Formal handover of power

  10. 6147

    Kate and William ride open-top 'boat' float in Solomon Islands

  11. 6148

    3,000 goldfish compete in beauty pageant in China

  12. 6149

    Topless Kate photos: Daily Irish Star editor defiant over latest publication

  13. 6150

    President Obama on US embassy attacks: 'There's never justification for violence'

  14. 6151

    Aftermath of Taliban attack that 'targeted' Prince Harry

  15. 6152

    Chinese tightrope walkers set high-wire stunt record

  16. 6153

    Prince Harry Taliban's 'primary target' in Camp Bastion attack

  17. 6154

    Will and Kate harness up and take to the trees in Borneo

  18. 6155

    Meet the world's first liliger, a hybrid of a lion and a liger

  19. 6156

    Wildfire erupts in Los Angeles: Helicopters and aeroplanes help put out the blaze

  20. 6157

    Man survives after metal rod pierces his neck in Brazil

  21. Violent anti-Islam film protests spread around the world

  22. 6159

    Apple store iPhone and iPad burglary surveillance footage released in US

  23. 6160

    Topless Kate pictures: Closer editor defends decision to publish photos

  24. 6161

    Brutal taxi attack captured on camera in North Carolina

  25. 6162

    Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton returns to the ring

  26. 6163

    Kate and William are hugely saddened after a French mag published photos of the Duchess topless

  27. 6164

    Record breaking animals: Basketball playing parrot and giant horse

  28. 6165

    The world's first 'pop-down' restaurant opens in a mine 80 metres below ground in Finland

  29. 6166

    Women search for love in the world's first 'adopt-a-guy' dating boutique in Paris

  30. 6167

    Man in South Carolina survives high speed motorcycle crash

  31. 6168

    Shocking CCTV: Man robbed on subway tracks then hit by train in Sweden

  32. 6169

    The world's smallest bodybuilder dies

  33. 6170

    GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: Sumo wrestling Sharran Alexander named Heaviest Sportswoman

  34. 6171

    Thousands storm US Embassy in Yemen in 'blasphemous' film protest

  35. 6172

    GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: Chayne Hultgren swallows most swords simultaneously

  36. 6173

    GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: Moustafa Ismail boasts the largest biceps in the world!

  37. 6174

    New Zealand rugby players compete in Thai elephant polo

  38. 6175

    Duchess of Cambridge gives first speech on foreign soil

  39. 6176

    Incredibly cute panda cub opens its eyes for the first time at San Diego Zoo

  40. 6177

    Bank robbers throw cash from car during police chase in LA

  41. 6178

    iPhone 5: Experts analyse Apple's latest smartphone

  42. 6179

    Apple unveils new iPhone 5

  43. 6180

    World's first ever colour film: Moving pictures unveiled from 1901

  44. 6181

    Prince William reveals he wants two children during Singapore visit

  45. 6182

    Team GB's Greg Rutherford's ridiculous walk across Westminster Bridge

  46. 6183

    PM apologises to Hillsborough victims

  47. 6184

    CCTV of shocking attack as man karate kicks traffic warden in Leicester

  48. 6185

    US ambassador killed in Libya consulate attack

  49. 6186

    Terrifying footage of two planes crashing in mid-air over the Netherlands

  50. 6187

    Usain Bolt answers questions on whether he will run the 400m in Rio

  51. 6188

    Barack Obama leads tributes as the US remembers 9/11

  52. 6189

    Kate and William begin tour of Singapore

  53. 6190

    Barack Obama says the September 11 attacks have made the US stronger

  54. 6191

    Two powerful tornados crash through two suburbs of New York leaving a trail of destruction

  55. 6192

    New video shows policeman shot in Milwaukee Sikh temple massacre

  56. 6193

    CCTV shows failed Ducati motorcycle robbery in Croydon

  57. 6194

    Novak Djokovic says losing in the US Open final to Andy Murray was hard

  58. 6195

    Cute baby Oliver the Orb goes through all the emotions in the morning

  59. 6196

    Grand Slam: Andy Murray wins US Open

  60. 6197

    Boris Johnson brings London 2012 to a close

  61. 6198

    Jetman Yves Rossy flies in formation with a Spitfire

  62. 6199

    London 2012 athletes treated to flypass over The Mall

  63. 6200

    London 2012 Olympians and Paralympians parade through London

  64. 6201

    Mo Farah says he is sad to see the end of London 2012

  65. 6202

    Jessica Ennis picks highlights of London 2012

  66. 6203

    Daredevils competing at Red Bull cliff diving series at Blue Lagoon, Wales

  67. 6204

    World's thinnest house built in Warsaw

  68. 6205

    Obama bear hugged by huge pizza shop owner in Florida

  69. 6206

    Residents in north-west Nicaragua evacuated as San Cristobal volcano spews ash cloud

  70. 6207

    San Diego Zoo officials reveal baby panda is a boy 5 weeks after he was born

  71. 6208

    'Renoir' painting discovered by woman in Virginia, USA

  72. 6209

    Hot Tub Cinema: Champagne and movies on a Hackney rooftop

  73. 6210

    Mother in China keeps track of identical quadruplets by shaving numbers in their hair

  74. 6211

    Prince Harry back in Afghanistan as Apache pilot

  75. 6212

    Yorkshire's new Calendar Girls bare all in play

  76. 6213

    Man jailed for horrific hit-and-run on Chinese toddler

  77. 6214

    Prince Harry back in Afghanistan

  78. 6215

    Barack Obama unites 'hope' with 'realism' in speech at Democratic National Convention

  79. 6216

    Airbus 'to have planes flocking like birds by 2050'

  80. 6217

    Chilling details of Alps murders revealed by French prosecutor Eric Maillaud

  81. 6218

    Girl survives bubonic plague in Colorado, USA

  82. 6219

    Hilarious interview fail: Jude Law laughs after reporter falls off chair

  83. 6220

    Stunning lightning storm filmed in Christchurch, New Zealand

  84. 6221

    Uniquely coloured tabby cat Venus has become an internet sensation

  85. 6222

    Vladimir Putin takes to the skies to teach cranes to fly

  86. 6223

    Dancing cop treats motorists in North Carolina to some street dancing

  87. 6224

    A giant human head sculpture has been unveiled on a beach in Rio de Janeiro

  88. 6225

    Sophie Christiansen wins third gold medal at Paralympics

  89. 6226

    Volkswagen unveil hotly anticipated new Golf

  90. 6227

    First Lady Michelle Obama fires up the faithful at Democratic convention

  91. 6228

    Boris Johnson's hilarious GQ Awards acceptance speech

  92. 6229

    Painting elephant fetches $2,000 for 'artwork' in Czech Republic

  93. 6230

    Paralympics: Swimmer Ellie Simmonds gets second gold postbox

  94. 6231

    McDonald's superstition for Paralympic double gold medallist Natasha Baker

  95. 6232

    First ever zombie presidential candidate 'runs for office' in the US

  96. 6233

    Prince Harry's first public appearance since Las Vegas

  97. 6234

    Great white shark washes up on New England beach

  98. 6235

    Terrifying footage: Family injured after being thrown across motorboat in Missouri

  99. 6236

    Six-year-old will be happy if Prince Harry keeps his clothes on at Wellchild Awards

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