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Published on Jul 27, 2012

You are in league with the Devil. So says USA Today. By refusing to relinquish your right to use a gun in self-defense (and other constitutionally protected ways), USA Today says you have made a deal with the devil and are the reason these mass shootings continue. Referencing the sad and yet preventable mass shooting by James Holmes on 20 July 2012 in Aurora, CO at the Century 16 Theater, I take on USA Today. They have a notorious record for attacking the law abiding gun owner, the LEGAL availability of guns in the US, and in their 23 July issue they hold true to their mission. There they devote a large portion of their opinion page to that purpose and support it with other articles as well. I talk about "their view" on the issue of self-defense: pass yet another meaningless law, put up yet another stupid sign outlawing gun carry, and create yet another GUN FREE, DEATH PAY zone. Apparently not only did they not learn anything from the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre but they promote that as the status quo. They blame you and your love of guns (refusing "reasonable restrictions" ie eventual confiscation), this state agency, that federal agency, the lack of this or that law...all the while REFUSING to acknowledge the true solution to psychotic madmen willing to mass murder: an armed response, swift and sure. USA Today and the other liberal media are consistent in their anti-self defense agenda but if fulfills the larger objective of state-ism as well, never mind mass murders (which they may or may not care about). In their perfect world no one is armed but the police and the military...and apparently the mass murderer too (who will always have his weapons). All this is discussed as I fire back at this ludicrous assertion against the good men and women of America who are legally armed, refusing their protectionist status quo of victim-hood. I also weigh on some latest information on the shooting such as Holmes being protected with body armor and I answer the critics that no CCW holder could have made any difference. Hardly. Instead the true hero of these encounters is the individual, the sheepdog that will bravely step up with lethal force again to save lives. I give a perfect example of the 71 yr old shooting down the hoodlums in the internet cafe on 18 July 2012 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN4obl...). This should be the mission of the media: promoting these brave individuals as the THE standard for which to end these shootings. And it would send a message to potential mass shooters: if you come in this theater to murder, you will be killed...by armed CIVILIANS. But instead the proudly sally forth with more calls for civilian disarmament, more needless ineffective laws, more screenings, more restrictions, more background checks, more access to medical records, more security, more restrictions, more harassment of the US gun owner. In this mission USA Today and its supporters partners will this mass murderer as it promotes/creates even more FREE FIRE zones in which they can operate with impunity. Mass murders have proven they are attracted to these locations and they will be in the future. So who's really in league with the devil?//////////Subscribe to TNP: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... ////////////Donate to NRA/ILA to fight the well funded anti- self defense forces: https://www.nraila.org/get-involved-l... to USA Today Editorial: http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/... USA Today to give them heat over their stupid assertions and anti-gun owner campaign, do not commercially support them in any way: Email: letters@usatoday.com, fax at 703-854-2053 or Letters to USA Today Opinion Page, 7950 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, VA 22108

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On the same day as the sandy hook in China a guy stabbed 21 people so u don't need a gun the mass murder
Cigarettes kill more people in a day than guns in weeks
Ashton Brown
Could it be....SATAAAN!?!? I'm dead. XD.
tbone martinez
Seems to me there was a little country called Rwanda where 1,000,000+ people were killed mostly with machetes, yeah you don't need a gun to kill lots of people. Oh yeah and ironically the only reason the massacre stopped is because the opposite tribe got some guns and defeated the tribe killing people. Wow who would have thought
It was an editorial. Which is a random dudes opinion. His opinion is still bs though.
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Anselmo Basoria
People should know that mass murder HAS been committed with knives and even bombs, banning guns doesn't fix the bad in people.
I'm glad you are showing the hypocrisy displayed by USA TODAY. Pact with the devil? I want to point out that a lot of those people that own guns are of Christian faith. Oh wait, they're going after those people too. They can't seem to get much right, can they? From this point forward I have absolutely zero interest in picking up one of their rags.
Legit Distractions
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Owen Yeasting
"40mm, DANG BOYS!" = Best Nutn' quote ever. Love the channel, thanks for preaching the truth!
Cigarettes kill more people in a day than guns in weeks
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