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Published on Nov 19, 2010

Welcome back guys. I'm Mike Andreula. We're going to be showing you some
dynamic upper body moves you can use. We're going to start out with
basically pushups. Extremely simple, but a lot of people have trouble
because of the positioning of the hands and they're really not using their
entire chest and they're really just using shoulders and triceps.

So what we're going to do is drop down in a basic pushup position. Let me
show you first what you don't want to do. You don't want to bow the elbows
out and then try to push up because you're really just hitting a lot of
shoulders and triceps at this point, which is good if you want to hit
shoulders and triceps. You're just hitting the very tip top of your chest
right there.

What you want to do is take a page out of what a power lifter would do. If
a power lifter was on a bench press, they would have their hands extremely
low, arch the back. Your butt and shoulder blades pinch together.
Basically, put your hands down low. You're going to drop your body weight
over your hands. So now my chest is over the hands, and I'm able to use my
entire chest and I'm pushing through. My shoulders and triceps are all
engaged. On the way down relax. Exhale on the way up. Keep your abs tight,
your butt, and your hamstrings and just go nice and smooth. Up and down. So
you really want to get the hands down low. This is going to let you work on
the lowest part of your chest which most guys want to work on, and by
changing hand position, you're going to do small manipulations and you're
going to be able to feel it a little bit more in your chest, a little bit
differently in your triceps.

Wide grip pushups. Wide grip pushups, you can vary the hand position. I
like to go palms facing each other. A little bit wider grip. Again, I
always focus my pushups keeping the hands underneath the chest. So you're
going to go down and explode up. Down and explode up.

The best thing to do if you can't do pushups is to do them off of your
knees. You're going to rock down. You don't want to go straight down here.
You want to rock forward. That way you can squeeze your chest, shoulders,
and triceps at the top. That's the true key to pushups.

If you're unable to do pushups, even off your knees, the best thing to do
is partial reps and come down a little bit forward. Not down all the way,
just little partial reps. You can even do that when you get exhausted from
your toes. Partial reps. The most difficult part is going to be about
halfway, right here, to go back up. So if you're exhausted, do partial

A fantastic variation is diamond pushups. It puts a little more tension and
puts a little more into your triceps. We basically want to make a diamond
with the hands. The key here is not to bring it to your head, which you see
a lot of people do. You want to bring that diamond slightly underneath your
chest and explode up at the top. Right underneath the chest, explode up.
Every time you go up and explode, you feel it mainly in your triceps, but
your shoulder and your chest are also going to flex. Keep your abs tight.
Keep all of your muscle groups tight.

It's important to realize when you're keeping things tight that doesn't
mean tense up. Just flex your muscles but stay relaxed. Tension will just
get you tired. You want to activate particular muscle groups, chest,
shoulders, and triceps when you're doing the motion and try to relax as
much as possible. Breathe up and down.

Let's go into one or two other variations. One pushup, explode up, and then
you're going to take your right arm and slowly reach to the ceiling,
stretch out your chest, flex your abs, your butt, and your hamstrings.
Bring it down slowly. One pushup, twist the torso, arm up and stretch. Or
you have a forwards raise pushup.

Thank you everybody for joining us. Remember to e-mail me at
mike@clubkogyms. I want everybody to come back because we have a very
special episode coming up - dips. We're just going to be focused on the
triceps and the back of your arms and how to be more effective when you use
your dips and how to manipulate your hand position so you can build up the
very bottom of the triceps and also on the sides. So have a great night and
we'll see you soon.

For the next movement in the series, flare your elbows outward and lower your nose toward an imaginary spot between your hands.

Then, as if you were trying to slide under a bar, flatten yourself out so that your torso is parallel to the ground.


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