[Mega Drive/Genesis Cover] Yume Nikki (ゆめにっき) Sound Collection (DefleMask)




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Published on Jun 26, 2016

Here, download all the tracker files: https://cid.hootr.club/files/YN-MD-OS...

Here it is: a compilation of Mega Drive/Genesis covers of THE ENTIRE Yume Nikki soundtrack. No songs/sounds left behind (except for "Glitch", I forgot to include it in the video whoops).

I tried to make it as accurate as possible but the MD sound chips are limited and so is my skill (this is my first try at DefleMask and tracker software in general), so there might be tons of inaccuracies. I took some liberties with some tracks, more noticeably the Aztec Monkey Monkey theme; I couldn't figure it out so I just sampled it lol. All songs in this video should play as-is on actual physical hardware.

I'd like to thank the following people and sites:
-1. KIKIYAMA, for making one of my favourite games of all time.
0. The DefleMask team. Thank you for making such a beautiful tracker! Check it out:
1. The amazing person who made Mario Paint covers of YN''s songs. The video really helped me figure out some of the tracks. Thank you so much! Check it out:
2. The amazing person who made Famitracker covers of YN's chiptunes. My FC covers are directly adapted from his sweet arrangements. Thank you so much! (By the way, if you're this person and you aren't happy with the way I used your tracker files, please tell me) Check it out:
3. The amazing person in this thread who made the Toriningen Party MIDI (it's not in any way perfect but man it helped). Thank you so much!
4. The Yume Nikki wiki for track info.
5. The amazing person who made the game box template:
6. The amazing person who drew the beautiful art featured on the box:

Track list:
0:00 Block World
0:12 Dark World
0:28 Dense Woods A
0:41 The Sewers
0:59 Candle World
1:19 Toriningen Beat (Hot Spring House)
1:36 Toriningen Beat (Face Carpet Plaza)
1:54 Shield-Folk World
2:17 Mall Stairwell
2:36 Snow World
3:01 Neon Tile Path
3:20 Hell
3:40 End Credits
3:57 Mural World
4:15 The Docks
4:32 Title Screen
4:49 Mall Rooms
5:06 Guillotine World
5:17 Aztec Rave Monkey
5:28 The Teleport Maze
5:38 Do you play Famicom?
5:50 Toriningen Party
6:09 Barracks Settlement
6:31 Flute Player Room
6:55 Windmill World
7:11 Dense Woods B
7:30 The Train
7:42 The Lake in the Dense Woods
8:08 The Pink Sea
8:29 Poniko's Room (Lights on)
8:44 Poniko's Room (Lights off)
9:20 Uboa Event
9:30 The Checkered Tile Path
9:44 Number World
10:01 FACE Event
10:22 The Stairway to the Sky
10:56 The Sky Garden
11:14 Ghost World
11:28 Puddle World
11:47 Footprint Path B
12:09 Madotsuki's Dream Room
12:32 The Wilderness
12:54 Forest World
13:21 The Mall
13:35 Eyeball World
14:03 Underground
14:20 The Spaceship
13:42 RED ALERT!
14:50 Strange Planet (Mars)
15:10 Martian Underground
15:31 Neon World
15:57 FC World
19:09 FC Demon Room
19:22 FC Pyramid
19:41 FC Basement
19:54 FC Castle Ramparts
20:06 FC Dungeon
20:24 FC Temple
20:45 FC Overworld
21:00 Blazing Corridor
21:09 The KALIMBA TV Channel
21:27 NASU Title Screen
21:37 NASU In-Game
21:46 NASU Game Over
21:51 White Desert
22:21 Monoko's Event
22:32 Mall Rooftop
22:58 The Witch's Flight
23:38 Yume Nikki (Saving Theme)

That's it.


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