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Uploaded on Sep 20, 2011

Pwad: The Scorpio Project, Act 1
Author: Jim Gitzlaff
Date: 21st August 1994
Map: e1m1
Category: Maxdemo
Executable: Doom.exe
Time: 5:18

This level comes with a fairly detailed scenario in the textfile - usual plot, scientific research satellite nearby Mars gets invaded and becomes a new demon infestation centre, you're sent in with a pistol to clean it up - but this is a bog standard pwad and none of that's relevant, so let's just get on with playing the level. There's a pleasing sense of real geometry - you start outside the base, ride a lift down, and explore outwards from there. The level is heavy on exploration and there are multiple ways through, it won't force a path on you. And the layout has obviously had a lot of thought put into it - not so much in gameplay terms, but thriller plot terms. As explained in the textfile, the base you explore has a modular design built on multiple levels, so that certain areas can be quarantined in case of emergency. If the level author had been more ambitious, and the Doom engine capable of supporting it, this would have been a level in which the story unfolded in front of you, interactively - like in the opening scenes of Unreal, or indeed Doom as originally envisioned by Tom Hall. As it is, there's only one quarantine barrier you'll notice (see 4:07) and it's really just an annoyance, forcing me the long way round through a secret passage.

It's also a fairly empty level. The final room is a big disappointment - there's a Baron but so much space around him he's no threat, and the exit switch is right there. Monster opposition earlier on is also lacking. Since you only get the shotgun and chaingun to deal with them, the gameplay does feel a bit monotonous. And the level doesn't quite live up to its interactive promises in the textfile. There's a reference to "security pads" which "redirect intruders and expose them to security personnel", but I didn't spot anything that might fit the bill. Maybe I didn't play the level enough. But I did like the custom graphics on the doors, and (unusually for 1994) the theme is tightly controlled. Everything connects together very naturally.

All in all a half decent stab at implementing a realistic, consistent, simulated sci-fi environment, but TeamTNT were already getting better results by this stage.

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