FF6 Double Trouble: Vyzoroy & Eternal Dragon





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Published on Mar 2, 2009

Battle Difficulty: 5 / 5
Your Level: 80 - 99 MAX!

This is my Mega Boss known as Vyzoroy. This monster's concept came from Banon's speech about a box opened that unleashed many evils across the FF6 world. Vyzoroy in concept, is the man who opened that box. His selfishness and greed allowed him to consume most of the evil and become a powerful enemy. He attacks the party only after the death of the Czar Dragon. This mega boss was the most powerful custom monster I've designed, it's now being outweighed by the infamous Emperor Dragon. Vyzoroy has a script over 536 bytes long filled with a deadly arsenal of powerful spells and physical attacks. He comes to battle with a huge level of 113 with a whooping 327,500 HP. Vyzoroy unlike many monsters I've designed has many sequences of attacks. They are separated into 5 different sets with the final sequence being the most difficult. At the beginning of battle he immediately attacks every party member with his "Chaos Fist" dealing thousands in damage and inflicting "Doom" status to all members. After his opening attack, he follows a specific sequence of attacks which initiates after about 70,000 points of damage each. They are read as follows:

1.) His first sequence consists of mainly multiple physical attacks and castings of a wind-elemental spell. He may also counterattack with a physical attack.
2.) His second sequence is composed of mostly earth-elemental spells like "Quake", "Slide", and "Magnitude 8" followed by a few physical attacks. He also uses the "50Gs" spell if you try to avoid his earth elemental with "Float". He may counterattack with 2 physical attacks when struck.
3.) His third set has a variety of non-elemental spells like "Meteor", "Quasar", "Meteo", and the one-hit killer "Hyper Drive" spell. He may also use the "Blastar" spell in an attempt to finish your entire party. During this sequence he may counterattack with 3 physical attacks.
4.) His fourth set slams the party with brutal spells like "Flare Star", "N. Cross", and "S. Cross" as well as his crippling "Chaos Fist". He also may counterattack with 2 physical blows and a "Chaos Fist".
5.) His final set is by far the most difficult to survive, he attacks with many deadly spells including "Fallen One", "Phantasm", "Merton", "Hyper Drive", and "Goner". He may counterattack with 3 physical strikes and a "Chaos Fist". But what makes this sequence difficult, is that he also summons the "Eternal Dragon", a powerful monster that could stand as a mega boss on it's own. The summoned creature is immortal which makes it impossible to kill. And what's worse, if it is ever destroyed, it comes back to life pulverizing the party with a vicious elemental attack. Throughout this set, "Vyzoroy" may attempt to destroy the creature by attacking everything on the battlefield with his "Merton" spell. This can be brutal if your party was initially weakened by that spell. As for the Dragon itself, it attacks the party with many level multiplying spells including "L?. Holy", "L4 Flare" and "L3 Muddle". It may also attempt to switch statuses with one member, stealing any beneficial statuses him/her may have. Periodically throughout the battle, the Dragon also attacks with lethal spells like "Aero", "Clean Sweep", "Magnitude 8", "Holy", and "Flare".


If you wish to challenge "Vyzoroy / Czar Dragon" you can download the "IPS" patch found in this link. You must use the 1.1 rom for it to work properly:

You can download the Vyzoroy 1.01 patch here:
http://www.mediafire.com/?njctjmfanve for the patch.

You can download the FF6 rom here:
http://www.mediafire.com/?q0m0zryzyzz for the 1.1 Rom.
http://www.mediafire.com/?yzddwitniek for the 1.0 Rom.

You can download the latest emulators here:
http://www.mediafire.com/?gzwkm0gaken for Windows.
http://www.mediafire.com/?wjt0z2nhmnz for Mac OS X.

A tutorial on how to break a monster's HP Limit: http://www.mediafire.com/?0ogtydeoy3x for 65,535 HP Limit.

Just change the name of the patch from "Vyzoroy and Czar Dragon" to the name of your rom and drop the patch in the IPS folder of your emulator. Make sure it's extension is named IPS, otherwise it will look like a text file and will not work.

Vyzoroy can be found at an Island in the WOR just off the shore of the Velt. But prepare your party carefully before you fight him, he is one of my most brutal bosses. You can also challenge the Czar Dragon in the WOR at an island south of Albrook.

FF6 Double Trouble: Vyzoroy & Eternal Dragon


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