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Published on Aug 6, 2017

Top 10 Most Loyal Dogs In The World -If you disagree. Please tell us why in the comments.

Based on breeding and history, temperament and owner experiences, these particular breeds have proven time and again to be the most loyal and brave dog breeds in the world

No 10 - Bulldog
No 9 - Yorkshire Terrier
No 8 - Golden Retriever
No 7 - Boxer Dog
No 6 - Brittany Spaniel
No 5 - Labrador Retriver
No 4 - Kuvasz
No 3 - Beagle
No 2 - German Shepherd
No 1 - Rough Collie

1. Rough Collies
It should come as no surprise that Lassie tops our list! The Rough Collie is a herding breed that originated in Scotland. Just like the famed pooch was on the big and small screen, Rough Collie dogs are intelligent, active, and good with children and other animals. Rough collie puppies s have a history of being incredibly loyal and protective of their owners.

2. German Shepherd
German Shepherds originated from Germany dating back to the late 1800s. The german shepherd dogs have a willingness to learn and serve a purpose. As a working dog breed, German Shepherd Puppies are naturally loyal and bond well with familiar faces. The german shepherd dog has a tendency to become overprotective of their family.

3. Beagle Dog
A hunting breed, Beagles are often used by homeland security personnel because of their incredible sense of smell. The modern Beagle dog breed has its origins in Great Britain but has even been mentioned in references dating back to Ancient Greece. The beagle puppies are known to be merry, kind, and gentle. The beagle dogs are pack animals.

4. Kuvasz
The kuvasz dog breed was known to guard livestock. In recent years, Kuvasz dogs have served well as house pets. The kuvasz is an intelligent breed that has a clownish sense of humor. The kuvasz puppies are loyal pets that appreciate attention with a streak of aloofness and independence.

5. Labrador Retrievers
The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world. Labrador Retrievers are known for its happy temperament, boundless energy, intelligence, gentleness, loyal and ease with children. labrador retriever puppies were bred for their superior game retrieval instincts.

6. Brittany Spaniels
The brittany spaniel is a hunting/gun breed that was originally bred for bird hunting. brittany puppies are noted for being easy to train, sensitive and sweet natured. The brittany spaniels size and loveable nature have made the brittany dogs an increasingly popular family pet.

7. Boxer Dogs
The boxer dog is a breed developed in Germany and originally used for hunting large wild game. Its powerful jaws and bite allowed it hold down boars and deer until the hunters arrived. boxer puppies are energetic, fun loving, extremely loyal, and low maintenance. The boxer dog breed make good watchdogs, as they often will alert their owners when there is a stranger near their home.

8. Golden Retrievers
The Golden Retriever was first bred in Scotland and used for retrieving game. golden retriever puppies have a happy-go-lucky demeanor and seem to be always smiling. golden retrievers remain consistently among the most popular choices for family pets.

9. Yorkshire Terriers - Yorkie
The yorkshire terrier, or often adoringly referred to as yorkie, are the smallest of the terrier breeds. The yorkshire terrier puppies are popular show dogs and companion dogs, and are fairly easy to care for. The yorkshire terrier is highly energetic, bold, and very protective of their family.

10. Bulldogs
The bulldog were originally bred in England and used in bull baiting. The sport was so savage that it also required the dogs to be vicious and brave. However, bulldog puppies areealso known for thir stamina, strength, speed, intelligence. Bulldogs form strong bonds with children, while being gentle and protective.

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