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Published on Jun 11, 2012

Some say Jesus was a magician because, like the magicians of the day, He cured people in secret, sometimes used elements (like putting mud in the blind man's eyes), and othertimes failed to perform exorcism (like continuing to call on demons to come out of a man) or spoke magical words (like the exchange with the demons who tried to overcome Him by speaking out His Identity).

Others say Jesus was a Rabbi because, like the Rabbis of the time, He taught in parables (like the Prodigal Son) and used rabbinic language in His Doctrines (like the Golden Rule), and He had a group of men whom He taught (disciples and apostles), and He would often teach in the synagogue (like He testified at His Trial), and He had a perfect knowledge of the Scriptures from an early age (He taught in the Temple at age twelve, and in His Ministry He used the Pharisee's Scriptures to refute the Pharisees' arguments, etc.)

Still others say Jesus was a Pharisee because, like the other Pharisees of the time, He believed in the resurrection of the body (like His teaching on rising on the third day), quoted Hillel on the Golden Rule ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"), prayed the Shema (like when He taught what the two great commandments are), taught that the Pharisees sat in the seat of Moses, quoted from the Mishna (the Pharisee Scriptures), and taught about a royal priesthood (like His teaching on the need to deny oneself, take up one's cross, and follow Him).

Yet others say Jesus was a Sadducee, because, like the other Sadducees of the time, He taught that only God was Good, revoked many of the purity laws (like His teaching about what is inside is impure rather than what is outside), and disputed with the Pharisees (like when He called them all hypocrites).

There are those who say Jesus was a Herodian or a Roman because, like the other Herodians and Romans of the time, He payed the tax (like the miracle of the coin in the fish's mouth) and taught to give what is Caesar's to Caesar, and He had tax collectors among His disciple and Apostles (like Matthew and Zechariah), and He told Pilate that His Kingdom was not of this world and told the Eleven that the time for the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel was none of their business, and, contrary to Jewish hopes, He did not liberate Israel from Rome's power.

And others say Jesus was an Essene because, like the other Essences of the time, He taught against swearing oaths ("Do not swear...") and was called a Nazarean by the Apostles ("Jesus the Nazarean"), and He kept celibate, even teaching that some men are celibate for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Than there are those who say Jesus was a Zealot because, like the other Zealots of the time, He was against the Jewish leaders' hypocrisy ("Woe to you hypocrites!") and violently cleansed the Temple of the moneymakers, and He used derogatory terms for the Gentiles ("Do not give what is holy to the dogs"), and He had a Zealot amongst His Apostles (Simon), and a former zealous Jew to whom He appeared in an unique and exceptional apparition (Saul).

A few say Jesus was a revolutionary or thief, because, like prisoner called Jesus Barabbas or Barabbas, He was considered a messiah by His followers (like when they wanted to make Him king), and He was sentenced to death for being King of the Jews, and He was crucified between two thieves on Calvary, and He astonished Jews with His teachings (such as His abridgment of the Old Law: "You have heard it said...but I say to you...").

Lesser few say Jesus was a myth or a syncretism of pagan myths, because like the myths of Horus, He is called the Son of God and Savior of the world, He rose from the dead, He had disciples and apostles, He was a wise teacher and leader, His mother was a virgin, and He was crucified yet ascended back into Heaven.

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