William Lane Craig, Richard Dawkins and the Empty Chair





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Published on Jun 8, 2011

Will Richard Dawkins finally engage in a scholarly one-to-one discussion with William Lane Craig when he visits Oxford? It would appear not, and even some fellow atheists seem to think he's making a big mistake. This is the story, so far, but what will come next?

Telegraph article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/relig...

Schedule: http://www.premier.org.uk/craig

Tour: http://www.bethinking.org/craig

User banned from RD.net for questioning Dawkins about Craig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYKc54...

Prof Craig: http://www.reasonablefaith.org

Prof: Dawkins: http://www.richarddawkins.net

Glenn Peoples' Apologetics blog (composer of the opening music): http://www.beretta-online.com/wordpress/

Material in this video is incorporated either with permission or under Fair Use for independent, non-profit, educational, illustrative and documentary purposes. Happy to discuss with any parties about potential amendments or crediting. This video voices concerns - shared by both theists and non-theists alike - about impediments to the open exchange of academic thought.

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Delphos G
Exceptionally well-made video.
The Most Interesting Man in the World
Dawkins doesn't want to end up humiliated like Hitchens was.
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Jared Stein
I don't understand why atheists defend Richard Dawkins for running away from debates like a coward. Even the atheists at Oxford called him out. Why do the educated atheists reject Richard Dawkin's pseudo-logic, but uneducated Youtube atheists think he's intelligent? Richard Dawkins won't debate William Lane Craig because he KNOWS he would lose. He doesn't want to be humiliated again like he was when he debated John Lennox. Everyone knows this. Stop trying to defend him after he's already defeated..
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don leavell
You guys are stupid.  Craig is only going to refute every area of science on Earth, as always; proven, testable, reproducible science results.  Dawkins is unmatched in the area of biology.  We're already aware of Craig's arguments and they're refuted by good science.  But, Craig is only a snake oil salesman who should have been a side show hawker.  He won't present any evidence for his old, tired arguments.  And he won't prove anything.  He doesn't make scientific presentations to any real science committee.  But we enjoy watching him string you dudes along with so much bilge.  Ha.
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e ngineerallday
The main reason no one will debate "Dr." Craig is because it always has to be on his terms and in his format so he can present his same old tired arguments and answers to questions. Dawkins is right not to debate him because Dawkins is on another level and doesn't have the time to debate idiots like Craig when the debate will not be productive.
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Evgeny Mironov
Craig's obsession with "objective morality", as if there was one, is a killer of any otherwise decent debate. Extremely boring person.
Seth Baker
The fact is, Richard Dawkins is afraid to debate Craig. Imagine if this were to be the other way around. The heat that Craig would take for refusing to debate would be extronomically larger. When will you put aside your biases atheists? The so called unworthy credentials never seemed to stop Sam Harris or Lawrence Krause. 
lane craig=atheists nightmare.
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William Lane Craig debates from a theistic point of view, which is much, much easier than debating from a Christian Point of view. Give him the God part, then its quite easy to debate a man speaking for the evil, deluded, inconsistent fairytales in the Bible. I particularly liked watching Sean Carroll take him behind the wood shed in his last debate :D
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