Fukushima "No More Nuclear" says Former NRC Chairman Jaczko Update 9/25/13





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Published on Sep 25, 2013

Big nuclear update from Fukushima from Sept 21 to Sept 25th, 2013. I've been under the weather and collected these clips, and finally assembled them. Sorry it's so long, no editing. I feel like shit, but I don't want to get too far behind. Here's the list of stuff that's covered.

Oh, before I forget: BONUS LINK!
Humankind's Most Dangerous Moment: Fukushima Fuel Pool at Unit 4. "This is an Issue of Human Survival." http://tinyurl.com/no5alw5

Gregory Jaczko, former head of the NRC while Fukushima happened, is now Anti Nuclear Totally! The World must go nuclear Free! For more info, Please visit this link:
Gregory Jaczko: The Ongoing Fukushima Daiichi Crisis 9/24/2013

TEPCO to resume decontamination process, yet still has no place to put the "decontaminated water".

TEPCO urgently trying to restart Kashiwazaki Kawazaki apparently due to financial troubles. I really wanted to do a whole video on just that plant, but I feel like shit today, so just google MsMilkytheclown and Kashiwazaki Kawazaki to get the sorted fault line problems that are still outstanding there. Yes, on a fault line.

Fukushima Prefecture intent on resuming RICE! I'm going to try to keep comments to a minimum... I'm wiped out.

"Test Fishing" off Fukushima a Farce of results.

Pacific Ocean fishing lies.

Japan to South Korea.... Oh, please please, let Japan sell you more seafood. Please lift your ban. We swear it's safe, even though we don't test it. Trust us.

Blowfish auction prices up... but guess what.... (dun dun dun)...

Japanese fishing boats caught in Brazil... (looking for/catching noncontaminated fish????)

Lower house panel to discuss waste water disposal. Chat all you want, it's a Big Problem and it isn't going Anywhere, until bolts loosen, corrosion erodes tanks, etc.

Faults under (get this!) a FAST BREEDER reactor called Monju. They are still toying with restarting that beast of a nightmare. See approx 3:53 into this video for more info
Again, I wish I could give a better edit, but I really feel like crap.

War on Suicide. It's a Big Deal in Japan. Want to see an interesting perspective? View this video. The only solution to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster is unspeakable

Hydrogen Bomb nearly blew up on North Carolina (now declassified)

China has a list of stuff on the denuclaranisation list...

Sake pushed in California. Remember, Sake is Made From RICE... the stuff they "dilute" by mixing highly radioactive rice with "clean" rice to reach "safe limits" to sell to others. Japan's "acceptable limit" of radioactive contamination is a "mere" 100 Bq/kg while it the United States, it's a Whopping 1,200 Bq/kg! Think about that!

Japanese investing in Oil in Iraq.

IAEA Israel issue.

Cyber attacks in Japan now becomes a drill. Interesting... Stuxnet ring a bell?

Japan sucking it up to Canada over shale gas.

Abe Eager to promote ties with Canada (go figure)...

Japan EU free trade Pact

Roanani Nuclear weapons "not in Iran's doctrine".

There. I'm done. Another monkey off my back.


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